Sixth Generation

808. Caroline ACKLEY was born on 9 August 1829 in Wyalusing, Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States.5,93,434,449,450,451,916,941,948 She was living in 1900 in Wyalusing, Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States.948 She died on 26 April 1908 at the age of 78.93,449,941 Her Obituary appeared in the 841 ACKLEY, MRS, CAROLINE ACKLEY LLOYD, one of the most esteemed of Wyalusing's older ladies, died at her home on Church street Sunday morning at 3 o'clock after great suffering from burns received from the catching fire of her clothes while burning leaves back of her home Friday morning. Mrs. Lloyd lived with her son, H. J. Lloyd, and on Friday, she was in the yard in the rear of the home raking leaves and burning them. While standing near the fire, the blaze in some manner communicated to her clothes and in a very short time she was enveloped in the flames. Neighbors and her family ran to her assistance and succeeded in smothering the flames, but not until she had been terribly burned about her body, and in fact blistered from head to foot, and not until the clothes had been almost burned from her body. The family physician was called and everything was done to save her life, but with out avail and while she was made as comfortable as possible she gradually grew weaker till the end came on Sunday morning. Mrs. Lloyd whose age was 77 was a daughter of Benjamin Ackley, the family originally coming from Connecticut and settling on the Ackley farm in Wyalusing Township. After her marriage to Alphonso J. Lloyd, she and her husband lived for a time at Orwell but later moved to this place where about a half century of her life has been spent. Her husband died about thirty years ago. Since which time she had lived with her son. Mrs. Lloyd was beloved by all who knew her. She has been for years a member of the Methodist church of this place. We do not need words to tell those with whom she associated in life that she had met Jesus by the way and talked with Him, for the joy and peace of Christ shone in her face. The funeral services were held in the Methodist church yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. E. E. Barker, her pastor, officiating; the interment was in the Wyalusing Cemetery. Caroline was buried in Wyalusing Cemetery, Wyalusing, Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States.941 She appeared in the census Bet 1850, 1870 and 1900 in Wyalusing, Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States.

Caroline ACKLEY and Alphonzo J LLOYD were married.93,434,449,450,451,916,941 Alphonzo J LLOYD, son of James LLOYD and Sophronia , was born on 6 March 1820.434,912,916,941,960 He appeared in the census between 1850 and 1870 in Pennsylvania. He was living in 1850 in Orwell, Bradford , Pennsylvania.434 On 18 September 1850 Alphonzo was an a farmer in Orwell, Bradford , Pennsylvania.434 He was living in 1870 in Wyalusing, Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States.916 On 17 June 1870 he was an a retired dry goods merchant in Wyalusing, Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States.916 Alphonzo died on 11 September 1879 at the age of 59.912,941 He was buried in Wyalusing Cemetery, Wyalusing, Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States.941

Caroline ACKLEY-993 and Alphonzo J LLOYD-994 had the following children:



Hamlin J LLOYD-60026.