Eighth Generation

4096. Leroy Eli ACKLEY was born about 1874 in Illinois.894,1711,1750,3310,3311 He appeared in the census in 1880 in IA. He appeared in the census in 1885 in Nebraska. Leroy appeared in the census in 1910 in Kansas. He was living in 1910 in Marion , Kansas.1750 He died about 1915 at the age of 41.3310 Roy (Leroy Eli) disappeared about 1915 - in the winter he went to town to get supplies and never returned. They thought they would find him in the spring thaws, but never did

Leroy Eli ACKLEY and Kathryn (Katie) Sarah SHELTON were married on 6 September 1897 in Anselmo, Custer , Nebraska.40,1750,3310 reportedly there were 3 boys and 3 girls by this marriage
reportedly married three more times after Leroy's death Kathryn (Katie) Sarah SHELTON, daughter of Martin SHELTON and Melissa DUGGAN, appeared in the census between 1910 and 1920 in Kansas. She was born on 17 August 1881 in Mason City, Mason, Illinois, United States.1750,2141,3310 About 1917 she was a Postmaster in Ravanna, Finney, Kansas.3310 Kathryn was living about 1917 in Ravanna, Finney, Kansas.3310 On 29 January 1920 she was a Grocery Clerk in Garfield, Finney , Kansas.2141 She was living in 1920 in Garfield, Finney , Kansas.2141 Kathryn was living about 1962 in Cimarron, Gray , Kansas.3310 She died on 27 March 1965 at the age of 83 in Dodge City, Ford, Kansas, United States.3310,3311 lived in Anselmo and Marion Kansas when she was younger -
in fact was postmistress for years in Anselmo. In her last years she
moved to Cimmaron, Kansas with her youngest daughter by another

Leroy Eli ACKLEY-8805 and Kathryn (Katie) Sarah SHELTON-9363 had the following children:



Esther Georgia Viola Amy May ACKLEY-9364.



Oliver R ACKLEY was born about 1900.40,3310 He died about 1909 at the age of 9.40,3310 He was buried in Marion Cemetery, Marion, Marion , Kansas.



Iola S ACKLEY was born about 1903.40,3310 She died about 1909 at the age of 6.40,3310 She was buried in Marion Cemetery, Marion, Marion , Kansas.



Marion Leroy ACKLEY was born about 1906 in Kansas.90,1750 He appeared in the census in 1910 in Kansas. He died about 1913 at the age of 7.90,3310 Marion was buried in Elk Cemetery, Chase Co., Kansas.90



Joseph William R ACKLEY-9366.



Pauline V ACKLEY-23428.



Samuel ACKLEY was born about 1914.3310 He died about 1921 at the age of 7.3310