Sixth Generation

1177. Willard Leroy ACKLEY801,1206 was born about 1818 in Coventry, Chenango, New York, United States.5,630,1035,1206,1207 1870 census has birth as ca 1831
1880 Census has birth as ca 1828 He appeared in the census between 1870 and 1880 in Wisconsin. He was living in 1870 in Weston, Marathon, Wisconsin, United States.1035 On 21 July 1870 Willard was an a farmer in Weston, Marathon, Wisconsin, United States.1035 On 3 June 1880 he was an a farmer in Ackley, Lincoln , Wisconsin.1207 He was living in 1880 in Ackley, Lincoln , Wisconsin.1207 Willard died on 25 November 1894 at the age of 76 in Langlade , Wisconsin.1206,1208,1209 Biography of1210 William Leroy Ackley (Willard Leroy Ackley)
The first white settler in Langlade County, was born in the State of New York on or about 1830: Little is known of his boyhood days except that he was a venturesome lad who was lured to the western states by the stories of adventure among the Indian tribes and the plucky fur traders of the great northern wilderness. He came west to the hamlet of Wausau where he stopped for a time before definitely settling in. Ackley township, Langlade County, in 1853. Mr. Ackley was associated with P. Hogarty, a proprietor of a stopping place, who had extensive commercial intercourse with Indians and home seekers. He built a log shack on the banks of the Eau Claire, river, section 28, when he first came into this vast wild country inhabited by Indians and animals. Young Ackley was twenty-one years old when he first made a claim in this region. He married Me-Da-Gee-Wa-No-Kwa, "Maid of the Forests," a Chippewa Indian maiden, who bore him two children-De Witt and Charles Ackley. Charles Ackley is a merchant in Wabeno, Forest County; Dewitt Ackley is living with the Pottawattomi Indians near Mole Lake, Wisconsin. Ackley, fur trader, lumber cruiser, adventurer, was a leader of the Indians who sought his counsel. He was a just barterer and those who were acquainted with him acknowledged him to be an upright business man. He never took advantage of the Chippewa's in their fur transactions. Most of his fur products were shipped down the Eau Claire river to Schofield and sold to agents of St. Louis fur buyers. Mr. Ackley died November 24, 1894. He was buried in Queen of Peace Catholic Cemetery, Antigo, Langlade, Wisconsin, United States.1209,1211 Willard Leroy Ackley, an adventurer, who came to Wisconsin around the mid-1800's, married a Chippewa woman , got into very successful business dealings and became a leader in the Town of Ackley, Langlade County, near Antigo, Wisconsin

Letter from Willard L. Acly to Jesse Johnson, Jr. and Louisa Acly
Johnson dated June 28, 1844
Dear and affectionate brother and sister--I take this opportunity to
write to you to let you know about me and the rest of the folks here. I

am well at present and all the rest of our cousins are well. I have
enjoyed good health ever since I left home. I have not been homesick at
all. I had good times coming up here on the canal. We took a canal
boat at Ithaca and one to Buffalo for $4 apiece. I had a good chance to

view the country when I was on the canal for we came very slow. There
was about 50 passengers on the boat. Most of them were going to
Wisconsin and I met some very fine gentlemen and ladies agoing to
Wisconsin and we had good times with them talking about the west. We
landed at Buffalo on Friday about 7 o'clock and I did not have time to
see half of the city for the next boat started about 9 o'clock and we
thought that it was a good time for us to go for we could go to Conneaut
for $2. We landed at Conneaut a Saturday about noon and we got to
Gideon's about 6 o'clock in the afternoon. We found no one at home.
They had gone to Meeting so we went back down to John's. We stayed
there and ate supper and went back to Gideon's and stayed there all
night and we went to Quartery Meeting the next day a Sunday. It was
about 3 miles from Gideon's, in a barn. There was a great many folks
there. Gideon and Elbridge went with us. Elbridge has bought him a
farm. He has hired out his farm and hired out himself to John for 6
months for $80. As John is going to write I shall not write what he is

about as he can write for himself. I like the state of Ohio very well
what I have seen of it. I have seen a great deal better land here than I

have ever seen in York State. I can go barefoot here without stubbing
my toenails among the stones. We have been here long enough to make a
visit to Bill's. We went to a Camp Meeting one week. John and his wife
was agoing and his whole family went and they urged us very hard to go.

So Elbert thought he would go whether I did or not. I thought we had
better not go for it was so far. It was about 20 miles in
Pennsylvania.But we both went and we both got religion and I feel to
Bless God for it and thank the Lord for a Camp Meeting. Elbert went
forward for prayers the first night on purpose for to have a little fun

for himself. John's wife is a Methodist. She use to talk to him. He
told her that if they trapt him they trapt an old one, but they did trap
him. But they wasn't satisfied. Then they commenced at me. I thought

that I wouldn't have anything to do with them and when I saw them coming
towards me I went to start off. I was afraid of them but before Camp
Meeting was out I was not afraid of them at all. If I saw them coming
toward me I could meet them halfway. Bless the Lord for this religion
that makes you love everybody. Oh my dear friends let us hold out
faithful unto death that we may land our souls in Glory. I shall have
to begin to draw to a close. I have a great deal more to write but I
shall have to stop for the want of paper. Give my best regards to
father and mother. This is from your brother, Willard L. Acly

Letters from Willard and Elbert Acly to Jesse Johnson Jr. and wife
Louisa Sept 8, 1884
Mr Johnson-I now take this opportuity to write a few lines to you to let
you know that I am well at present and hope that you are enjoying the
same blessing. I have enjoyed good health ever since I left home. I
have not been homesick at all. I am so much taken up with the country
that I have hardly thought of home. I can't hardly bear the thought of

York State. I found the folks here very friendly. I have got acquainted
with some of the young gentlemen and ladies so that I enjoy myself very

well with them. As Elbert has wrote what we are doing I shant say
anything about it. Tell Joseph that I am to work to Esq. Fairservices.

Mery and I have some very good times together. I think that she is the

nicest girl there is in Wisconsin. There is any quanity of muskmelons
and watermelons here. We have had them for 3 weeks and they are not
half gone yet. Tell Louis Moffat if he has not started for the west yet
he had better start pretty soon for we want him here to help eat melons.
Tell Willis and Maria that I should like to hear from them. Give my
respects to Uncle Porter's folks. Tell mother that I don't find her
here to wash and mend for me but I think that I have got a good home.
The folks are not as bad here as she thought for there is as good folks

here as there is there. I am not sorry that I came here for I think
that I can do great deal better here than I could there if I have my
health. I think that Elbert has given me a good chance. He says that
if I will work with him till I am one and twenty he will give me half
the land that we can pay for. I do not know as I have anything more to

write at present. I want tnat you should write as soon as you get this

for I have not heard anything from home since I left. I have written 3

times so give my respects to all enquiring friends. Willard L. Acly

Willard Leroy ACKLEY and Ma-Day-Gee-Wa-No-Qua (Mary) were married on 2 August 1860 in Weston, Marathon, Wisconsin, United States.630,1035,1206,1207 Ma-Day-Gee-Wa-No-Qua (Mary)1206, daughter of MA-GEE-SEE (GREAT EAGLE). and Eqwaywit (Roaming Water) , was born about 1830 in Post Lake, Langlade, Wisconsin.1035,1206,1207 1880 WI census puts birth as ca 1830 She appeared in the census between 1870 and 1880 in Wisconsin. listed as Sarah 1870 census ethnicity White She died on 8 March 1899 at the age of 69 in Ackley, Langlade , Wisconsin.1206,1208,1209,1210 Ma-Day-Gee-Wa-No-Qua is a Native American1206,1207 She was buried in Antigo Cemetery, Antigo, Langlade, Wisconsin.1209,1212 (Ma-Day-Gee-Wa-No-Qua was the daughter of a Chippewa chief, Ma-Gee-See, or Great Eagle
Indian name means Maid of the Forest

Willard Leroy ACKLEY-8678 and Ma-Day-Gee-Wa-No-Qua (Mary) -8679 had the following children:



Alexander ACKLEY was born about 1856 in Wisconsin.5,1035 He appeared in the census in 1870 in Wisconsin. He is Native American1035 1/2 Alexander Ackley may not be a son of Willard Leroy Ackley.



Dewitt Charles ACKLEY-8675.



Charles Dee ACKLEY-8680.



George ACKLEY was born about 1873 in Wisconsin.1207 He appeared in the census in 1880 in Wisconsin. He was adopted1207 George is American Indian1207 1/2 He may be a grandchild or other relative