Ninth Generation

5159. Bentley DeForrest ACKLEY was born on 27 September 1872 in Spring Hill, Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States.5,71,587,945,958,959,1344,3983 one source has name as Benton He appeared in the census in 1900 in New York, United States. 1900 NY census lists name as Bently He was living in 1900 in New York City, New York, United States.587 Bentley appeared in the following News Article from the The Washington Post on 15 June 1915 in Washington D. C. SUNDAY'S SECRETARY QUITS

Threatens to Tell of Internal Dissensions in the Evangelist's Machine.
Special to The Washington Post.

Philadelphia, June 14.- It became known today that a rift within the lute of the "billy" Sunday organization is threatened to be revealed with the resignation of Bentley D. Ackley, former pianist and secretary to the evangelist
"Billy's" right-hand man, who for eight years: has known perhaps as much about the inner workings of "Billy's" organization as any other man has, said that be will tell of internal dissensions in the Sunday campaigns.
Mr. Ackley‚ said he bad resigned because of these ructions Narrowed down they seemed to be personal jealousies and money fights. Although he said he had been told time and time again that he was the most important cog in the Sunday machine, the former secretary declares that he was never paid his full value, and that others who did less work gathered the biggest plums. He appeared in the following News Article from the Lancater Daily Eagle on 15 June 1915 in Lancaster City, Fairfield , Ohio ACKLEY BREAKS WITH BILLY SUNDAY

Philadelphia. June 15- Bentley D Ackley, who was Billy Sunday's right-hand man, secretary and pianist during the revival campaign here., has resigned from the Sunday forces and announced here he will expose a lot of “unpleasant stuff” concerning the evangelist's “system' which he helped to direct. It is beloved Ackley will base his charges on the financial side of the revival system as it was conducted here. He appeared in the following News Article from the The Chillicothe Constitution on 17 June 1915 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri SUNDAY "LIFTED" OTHERS SERMONS FORMER AID SAYS

Philadelphia, June 17 "Billy Sundays most effective sermons were plagiarized."
Bentley D Ackley ex-secretary to the baseball evangelist, made the statement today, when he charged that the sermons Sunday delivered in his revivals in this city, Paterson and elsewhere were almost exact counterparts to those delivered by Evangelist Same Jones, Talmage and "Gipsey" Smith.
Ackley alleged "Billy's" sermon. "New Birth" which seldom failed to reap harvest of "sawdust trail-hitters" was preached several years ago by "Gipsey" Smith. He further declared he himself took the sermon in shorthand when Smith delivered it at Winona Lake.
The former secretary also alleged Sundays sermons on the Ten Commandments was taken from the writings of Evangelist T. DeWitt Talmage and that "Chickens come home to roost" was first delivered by Sam Jones.
Telegrams received here fro Sunday's Oregon apple ranch, saying the evangelist had nothing to fear, Ackley greeted with a grim smile. His only comment to these messages was " I've got the stuff, and I've reached the conclusion it's time somebody told the inside. It had to come out some time." Bentley appeared in the following News Article from the Coshocton Morning Tribune on 24 June 1915 in Coshocton, Coshocton, Ohio ACKLEY MAKES CLEAN BREAST

Philadelphia, June 22, 1915.
To My Friends and the Public:-
Many of the things recently have appeared in the public press with reference to my relations with and separation from Mr Sunday and his part have been so distorted in matter of fact and manner of statement as to make them quite untrue, which are calculated to make an entirely false impression on the public mind.
I have labored with Mr Sunday for eight years and he has always been to me a good and most valued friend. I would be both false and disloyal to him and the work he has been doing were I to consciously say or do anything either in disparagement of him or his work, and I never can forget how much I owe to him for his many kindness.
I have never had any disagreement with Mr Sunday or dissatisfaction with him, growing out of money matters: never offered nor suggested any agreement with reference to my musical publications. I have never charged him with plagiarism, or criticized his method or manner of preaching. Have never betrayed by word of deed anything within our confidential relations growing out of my secretarial services.
However, in unguarded and almost unconscious weakness and under very peculiar circumstances I may have said things which have been distorted with statements for which I disclaim responsibility.
I believe most heartily in Mr Sunday's sincerity and in the genuineness of his works and would to knowingly put a straw in the way of his continuing success in the great work in which he is engaged.
I am sorry if I have grieved Mr Sunday or caused anxiety to those interested in his work and under the present circumstance I do not expect to be taken into future work with him.
I make this statement voluntarily without conference with Mr Sunday or any committee but simply to so justice to all concerned and from a sense of duty to myself.
B D ACKLEY He registered for the draft in 1917/8 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States1344 On 7 January 1920 he was a Music Publisher in Cheltenham, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, United States.958 Bentley was living between 1920 and 1930 in Cheltenham, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, United States.958,959 On 17 April 1930 he was a Church Secretary in Cheltenham, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, United States.959 He died on 3 September 1958 at the age of 85 in Winona Lake, Kosciusko, Indiana.839,2132,3983 His Obituary appeared in the South Bend Tribune on 4 September 1958 in South Bend, St. Joseph, Indiana, United States
Record No. 5014290

American hymnist. Brother of Alfred Henry Ackley.

Ackley showed musical talent early, learning the melodeon, piano, coronet, clarinet and piccolo as a boy. After moving to New York City in 1888, he began playing the organ in several churches. In 1907, he joined the Billy Sunday Homer Rodeheaver evangelism team as secretary pianist, and traveled with them for eight years. As a composer and editor with the Rodeheaver Company, he wrote over 3,000 Gospel tunes His Death Notice appeared in the Lethbridge Herald on 5 September 1958 in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada GOSPEL COMPOSER DIES
WARSAW, Ind. (AP)- B D Ackley, pianist and gospel song writer, died Wednesday at the age of 85. Ackley composed more than 3,500 gospel songs, perhaps the best known of which were Sunrise and If Your Heart Keeps Right. His Obituary appeared in the The Berkshire Eagle on 5 September 1958 in Pittsfield, Berkshire, Massachusetts, United States B.D. Ackley,85; Composer of Hymns WARSAW, Ind. (UPI) ??? B. D. Ackley, 85,author and composer of more than 3,500 gopel songs, died Wednesday night in Mercy Hospital Medical Center. Mr. Ackley. spent many years traveling with evangelist Billy Sunday and musical evangelist Homer Rhodeheaver as a pianist. He lived at Winona Lake, Ind., where many of his songs were published by the Rhodeheaver Publishing Company, Among his better known songs was “Sunrise” and “ If your heart keeps right” Bentley was buried in Oakwood Cem, Warsaw, Kosciusko, Indiana, United States.3983,3984 He appeared in the census 1880, 1920 & 1930 in Pennsylvania. Biography of Bentley DeForest "B. D." Ackley (1872-09-27, Spring Hill, Pennsylvania - 1958-09-03, Winona Lake, Indiana) was a prodigious American musician and gospel composer.

His brother Alfred Henry "A. H." Ackley (1887-01-21 - 1960-07-03) composed with him, and is credited with the popular hymn He Lives.

As a young man, B. D. had already learned several instruments, including the melodeon, piano, coronet, clarinet and piccolo. After moving to New York City in 1888, he began playing the organ in churches. In 1907, he joined Billy Sunday and Homer Rodeheaver, an evangelist team, as secretary-pianist, and traveled with them for eight years. As a composer and editor with the Rodeheaver Company, he wrote over 3,000 Gospel tunes

"I met B. D. Ackley", fellow evangelist, Dr. Oswald J. Smith recalled, "in Buffalo, New York, where he was minister of music in the Churchill Tabernacle when I was preaching there one time. The first hymn I wrote with B. D. Ackley was Joy In Serving Jesus in 1931. From the time I met him and his brother, I stopped writing music altogether. They could write so much better.

B. D. Ackley died in 1958, aged 85, and was interred in the Oakwood Cemetery, Warsaw, Indiana.
In 1907, Ackley joined the Billy Sunday-Homer Rodeheaver evangelistic team as secretary-pianist, and traveled with them for eight years. As a composer and editor of the Rodeheaver Company, he wrote over 3000 Gospel tunes in his lifetime.


1.By and By
2.I Would Be Like Jesus
3.Somebody Knows
4.There Will I Follow Thee
5.This My Plea

Ackley, Bentley D 1872-1958
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Ackley, Bentley DeForest 1872-1958
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He was born on Spring Hill, Bradford Co, PA on Sept 3, 1872. He was the oldest son of Stanley & Ophelia Cogwell Ackley. His father was a Meth minister (Presby in other material) who had a 14 piece band that went around to schools and churches teaching singing. His father taught him to play numerous instruments so he could accompany him. In 1888 he went to NY to study Stenography and served as organist in churches in NYC & Brooklyn. In 1907 he joined the Billy Sunday- Homer Rod heaver Evangelist team as secretary-pianist and traveled with them for 8 yrs, supplying new songs for congregation, solo, and choir. As a composer he wrote more than 3000 hymns and was editor of the Rod heaver Co. It was noted Bentley wrote more tunes than any other man except Charles H Gabriel. Bentley received an Honorary Doctor of Sacred Music Degree from Bob Jones Univ. He married Bessie Hill Morley on Dec 20, 1893. He passed away Sept 3, 1958 in Winona Lake, IN and !
is buried in Oakwood Cem, Warsaw, IN near his old friend, Homer Rod heaver. Bently's brother was Alfred Henry Ackley and he is the one who wrote "He Lives" that we sing at Easter.

Bentley DeForrest ACKLEY and Bessie HILL were married on 23 December 1893.587,2960,3984 Bessie HILL, daughter of John HILL and Fanny SHERMAN, appeared in the census between 1900 and 1920 in New York, United States. She was born in October 1873 in Pennsylvania.587

Bentley DeForrest ACKLEY-825 and Bessie HILL-826 had the following children:



Genevive ACKLEY was born on 22 January 1893 in New York, United States.587,2960 She appeared in the census in 1900 in New York, United States.

Bentley DeForrest ACKLEY and Bertha Myers WILLIAMS were married about 1906.958,959,3985 Bertha Myers WILLIAMS appeared in the census between 1920 and 1930 in Pennsylvania. She was born about 1876 in Pennsylvania.959,3986 She died on 16 March 1956 at the age of 80.3986 Bertha was buried in Oakwood Cem, Warsaw, Kosciusko, Indiana, United States.3986 Plot: 42-56

Bentley DeForrest ACKLEY-825 and Bertha Myers WILLIAMS-49965 had the following children:



Gertrude ACKLEY-33746.



Leo R ACKLEY was born on 17 September 1911.2710,3987,3988 He died on 23 December 1915 at the age of 4 in Thurston, Washington, United States.2710,3987,3988 Name: Leo R. Ackley
Death date: 23 Dec 1915
Death place: Thurston, Washington
Gender: Male
Race or color (on document):
Age at death: 4 years 3 months 6 days
Estimated birth year: 1911
Father name: B.D. Ackley
Mother name: Bertha Williams
Film number: 1992324
Digital GS number: 4221439
Image number: 1131
Reference number: 12345
Collection: Washington Death Certificates, 1907-1960 His Obituary appeared in the Morning Olympian on 24 December 1915 in Olympia, Thurston, Washington, United States He was buried in Masonic Memorial Park, Tumwater, Thurston, Washington.51,3987 Plot: Row 4, Grave 34, Block 177, Page 92