Eighth Generation

3526. Adeline "Addie" Helen ACKLEY appeared in the census between 1850 and 1860 in Pennsylvania. She was born on 30 April 1842 in Springhill-Wyalusing, Bradford , Pennsylvania.5,51,71,434,917,2934,2935 also listed as Addie H by LDS In 1860 she was a School Teacher in Wyalusing, Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States.917 Adeline died on 4 November 1877 at the age of 35.51,934,2934,2935 She was buried in November 1877 in Lyon Cemetery , Tuscarora, Bradford , Pennsylvania.51,2934

Adeline "Addie" Helen ACKLEY and William SHUMWAY were married on 22 September 1863 in Spring Hill, Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States.5,51,934,2934,2935 William SHUMWAY, son of Cyrus SHUMWAY and Bridget CLINK, was born on 17 January 1841 in Spring Hill, Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States.934,941,2935 He died circa 1922 at the age of 81.941 He was buried in Wyalusing Cemetery, Wyalusing, Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States.941 Biography of William Shumway, one of the prominent citizens of Spring Hill, was born, Jan. 17, 1841, on the farm where he now resides. He is a son of Cyrus and grandson of Reuben Shumway, and came from Steuben County, New York, in 1803, and settled near the present village of Wyalusing. The grandfather spoken of was an old Revolutionary soldier. When the commander of the Continental forces needed the most trustworthy of his men to guard Major Andre, he was the one selected. At another time, when it was deemed necessary that he should perform picket duty at a place where several preceding him had been shot, he said to the officer in charge: "you'll hear my gun before morning." That night and Indian, covered with a hog skin, cautiously approached the sentry, and became a corpse. In every respect a thorough pioneer, he built for himself fourteen log houses, and, as some one has said, "moved into all the empty ones he could find." He located, in 1805, where William now resides, and took from the land office a government land warrant for 436 acres, a considerable share of which is still owned by the subject of the sketch, the same having never passed out of the possession of the family.

Cyrus Shumway was a man of great physical and mental force. His ambition did not allow him to reach middle age, before he had wrested from the wilderness a valuable home for himself and for those who might succeed him. A large part of this, together with much of his native energy, he transmitted to his son. But he gave him a still better inheritance in training him, by both precept and example, to a life of integrity and usefulness.

The settlement of Reuben Shumway is believed to have been the first one made in the Township of Tuscarora. The descendant occupying these ancestral acres is a man of a thoughtful caste of mind, and of pure truthfulness and honor. Only the generosity of his character has prevented him from being the possessor of large means. Though never an aspirant for public recognition, he has held such positions as are within the gift of his friends and neighbors. In 1874 he materially aided in organizing a Farmer's Mutual Insurance Company, which now, among the citizens of Eastern Bradford, has the risks in forced to nearly $3 million. This enterprise has been so conducted as to save its members many thousand dollars. At that time he was given a place at the head of the Company as president, a position which he has ever since continued to fill. In 1863, he married Addie, daughter of Ferris Ackley, by whom he has two surviving children, the elder one Daisy, being a graduate of the Susquehanna Collegiate Institute, in the class of 91. His wife dying in 1877, in 1884 he was remarried, this time the partner of his choice being Minnie, daughter of George Sumner. Their union has been blessed with three children. In politics, by daring to act "upon the courage of his convictions," Mr. Shumway has become a leading "Independent" Republican, and is recognized, also, wherever known, as one of Bradford County's most progressive Farmer's. The family are of French extraction, the original ancestors in this country having been Huguenots, who, on account of religious persecution, came to America in about 1695. It should be added, that in every war waged for the creation or preservation of our institutions, its blood has been represented

Adeline "Addie" Helen ACKLEY-814 and William SHUMWAY-14257 had the following children:



Ernest Fabian SHUMWAY was born on 22 September 1864 in Springhill-Wyalusing, Bradford , Pennsylvania.5,27,941,2935 He died on 27 December 1869 at the age of 5.941 He was buried in Wyalusing Cemetery, Wyalusing, Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States.941



Daisy SHUMWAY was born on 28 April 1868 in Springhill-Wyalusing, Bradford , Pennsylvania.5,27,2935 She died about 1964 at the age of 96.941,2935 She was buried in Wyalusing Cemetery, Wyalusing, Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States.941



Jessie Emmaline SHUMWAY was born on 17 April 1873 in Springhill-Wyalusing, Bradford , Pennsylvania.5,27,2935 She died on 28 April 1876 at the age of 3.2936



Florence Gertrude SHUMWAY-19807.



Ferris William SHUMWAY was born on 20 September 1877 in Springhill-Wyalusing, Bradford , Pennsylvania.5,27,2935 He died on 20 October 1878 at the age of 1.2936