Seventh Generation

2280. Daniel W ACKLEY was born on 15 November 1846 in New York, United States.395,502,503,587,2004,2005 He was living in 1870 in Peru, Clinton, New York, United States.503 In 1870 he was an a farm laborer in Peru, Clinton, New York, United States.503 Daniel was living in 1900 in Buckman, Clinton , New York.587 Marriage announcement for MARRIED

ACKLEY-RICE In Cornish Flat, Sullivan county, N. H. at the residence of Mrs. W. Stuart, April 2, 1901, by the Rev. D. M. French, Mr. Daniel W. Ackley, of East Beekmantown, Clinton county, N. Y., and Mrs. Bertha Ada Rice, of Old Town, Penobscot county, Maine. He appeared in the following News Article from the The Plattsburg Sentinel on 7 June 1901 in Plattsburgh, Clinton, New York, United States THE ACKLEY CASE.

Beekmantown Man in Trouble with
Matrimonial Agency Bride,

The sequel of the first chapter in the matrimonial experiences of Daniel W. Ackley, of Beekmantown, appeared Sunday morning, when Mr. Ackley swore out a warrant charging Mrs. Ackley and her alleged brother-in-law, Edgar A. Rice, of Bradford, Me., with grand larceny. The couple are now behind the bars of Clinton county jail
and will probably have to answer to several serious charges. During the first week in April, Ackley surprised his neighbors by appearing with a woman, whom he announced to be his bride. It appeared from a dispatch from Bangor, Me., which was published in The Press at that time, that Ackley's marriage was attended with a number of peculiar circumstances. Ackley, who had become acquainted with the woman then known as Mrs. Rice, thorough a matrimonial agency, visited her at her home in Bangor, Me., with the intention of making her his wife. A husband appeared in the person of Mr. Rice, whose claims were denied by the woman, who said that he was her dead husband's brother. He threatened to bring suit, and upon his instance- Mr., and Mrs. Ackley were stopped by the sheriff. He at first demanded $!50 damages for the alienation of his alleged wife's affections, but later dropped to $100. Rather than have any further trouble, Ackley paid over $50, and succeeded in reaching home without further trouble. The first few months of married life passed peaceably. Mrs. Ackley appeared to be contented, and to have a sincere affection for her husband. Recently Ackley. who seemed to have had every confidence in the woman, deeded her his farm in Beekmantown, on the East road,, some four miles north of this village, and other. property, amounting in all to probably over $2,000. Some three weeks ago, Mrs. Ackley became convinced that the work on the farm was too hard for her husband, and sent him to Maine for Rice, who came ostensibly to perform the duties of the hired man. With Rice's advent, Ackley became suspicious, and Sunday discovered The loss of $17, which sum he was convinced was taken from his trousers pocket. He came to town Sunday morning and swore out warrants for Bertha A. Ackley and Edgar A. Rice on a change of grand larceny. Deputy- Sheriff Fitzgerald went immediately to the house, but both were absent, and the pair were afterwards apprehended by Sheriff Cunningham on Cumberland Head. Mrs. Ackley and Rice were arraigned before Justice Gilliand on a charge of grand larceny, and on pleading not guilty were each held in $500 bail for Examination. A striking feature of the case is the way in which Ackley has been handled by the woman, who is apparently possessed of the greater share of the brains of the party. The property deeded by Ackley to his wife came to him from his first wife. Considerable property, amounting to nearly $5,000, was left Mm in trust by his father, Peter F. Crilley being the trustee. This of course the woman has been unable to get hold of, but under the provisions of the will, would be entitled to it on Ackley' death. Ackley has had several severe attacks of sickness recently, and there is said to be a suspicion in his mind that attempts have been made to poison him. Mrs. Ackley Is alleged to have three other husbands in addition to Rice and Ackley, and papers found in Rice's house at the tee of her .marriage with Ackley tended to show that she was contemplating a union with a man in Wyoming. She is a rather attractive looking woman of 35 or 40 years, with quite prepossessing manners.

THE EXAMINATION. The examination of Mrs. Bertha A. Ackley and Edwin A. Rice was begun before Justice Gilliland In the grand jury room Wednesday afternoon. The interest taken in the case was shown by the large number of residents of Beekmantown and Peru who were were present as interested spectators. The prisoners were "brought into the court room, and Mrs. Ackley took a seat at the left of her attorney, R. E. Healey, Esq., while her alleged brother- in-law sat on his right. Daniel Ackley, the complainant and much, abused husband, sat at the opposite side of the table, by the side of his counsel. He was the only witness sworn at Wednesday's hearing, and was subject to a severe and able cross examination on the complaint by Lawyer Healey. For a witness who in his complaint an action to set aside the transfer of property to Mrs. Ackley, swore under oath that his mind was weak, and that he was incompetent and incapable of transacting said business, Ackley Wednesday returned many clever answers to questions propounded, and stated that his memory was pretty good, and his mind was weak only at times, ; he also testified that his mind was strong on last Saturday night. At times while under the hot crossfire of questions by Mr. Healey he showed considerable nervousness, and frequently turned appealingly to his attorney, apparently in the hope that he would or could come to his relief. Mr. Healey asked him Q. Have you looked through that room since that time for your money? A. Yes, Sir. Looked the house all over from top to bottom. Q. After you swore out this complaint? A. Yes, Sir. Q. Then you are not certain whether she took the money or not? A. No, Sir. I am not certain, only I know the money is gone all right Q. Did you see her take the money? A. I did not. Q. You do not know whether, she took the money or not, do you? A. No, sir. I saw the money was gone when I got up. Q. Was Mr. Rice there that night? A. Yes, Sir, upstairs. Q. Was he in that room that night? A. No, Sir. Q. Do you know whether he took it or not? A. I don't know who took it. Q. Would you swear she took it? A. I think either one of them know where it is gone to. Q. You wouldn't swear either one of them took it? ' . A. I could not

He also testified he was with both defendants in the morning, but said nothing to them in regard to the loss of his money. It has been contended 'by the defense that the arrest of defendants was on suggestion of outside parties, i when Ackley was -asked in regard to the matter, testified as follows: Q. Why did you want to take a warrant out for defendants? A. I had a suspicion in my mind that they knew where it was, or had taken it. Q. You didn't know which, did you? A. No. Q. And Hoffnagle advised you to come down and take out the warrant; did he not? A. Yes. Sir, Mrs. Ackley claims she has known her husband for a long time, and defendant. when questioned in reference to length of their acquaintance, testified. x Q. How long have you known Mrs. Ackley A. About three months and a half. Q. Where did you first meet her? A. Bradley, Maine. No. •Manchester, New Hampshire, ten years ago. The complainant, Ackley, was the only witness sworn for the people, and at the close of his examination, which occupied nearly the whole of the afternoon. Attorney Healey asked that defendants be discharged on the grounds that the people had failed to make out a case against them. The motion was denied in the case of Mrs. Ackley, and she was re-committed until tomorrow, to which time her case was adjourned in order to given her attorney time in which to prepare his defense. In the case of Rice the motion was granted, but he was immediately re-arrested on a charge of grand larceny and conspiracy in getting Ackley's property under false pretenses, and by fraudulent purposes. He was arraigned, and through his
attorney, pleaded not guilty. He was living about 1901 in Beekmantown, Clinton, New York.2006 Daniel died on 27 March 1903 at the age of 56.2005 He had his estate probated in June 1903 in Plattsburgh, Clinton, New York, United States. Matters Disposed of This Week by
Surrogate Booth.

Probated the last will and testament of Daniel W. Ackley, late of Peru, N. Y., and issued letters testamentary to Peter F. Criiley. Order- ; ed the appointment of Jay B. Gove, and E. Stephen Arnold appraisers, He appeared in the census 1850, 1860, 1870 & 1900 in New York, United States. Daniel was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Keeseville, Clinton, New York, United States.2005

Daniel W ACKLEY and Henrietta P PARTRIDGE were married on 4 April 1875 in Ausable Chasm, Clinton, New York, United States.2006,2007 They2006,2007 were divorced on 28 June 1901. Henrietta P PARTRIDGE, daughter of Austin PARTRIDGE and Amanda KINNEY, was born on 2 September 1857.40 She appeared in the following News Article from the The Plattsburgh Sentinel on 12 June 1903 in Plattsburgh, Clinton, New York, United States VALIDITY OF A DIVORCE

Question Involved in Contest
Will of Horace Ackley

A hearing in the judicial settlement in the matter of the accounts of Peter F. Crilley, as trustee under the will Of the late Horace Ackley, of Peru, was held Monday afternoon before Surrogate Booth. A number of witnesses were examined, after which the hearing was adjourned until next Monday. The settlement is contested by .Henrietta Partridge Ackley, from whom Mr. Ackley secured a divorce in New Hampshire In 1876. It is claimed that the divorce is invalid in that personal service of the papers was not made and that the woman, is entitled to the widow's interest in the estate, which is valued at about $6.000. Hon. L. L. Shedden appeared for the contestants, N. T. Hewitt for Mr. Crilley, the trustee, and S Wheeler for the heirs. She died on 15 October 1913 at the age of 56.40 Henrietta was buried in North Jay Cemetery, North Jay, Essex , New York.40

Daniel W ACKLEY and Catherine MCCREEDY were married on 17 April 1894 in Cornish Flat, Sullivan, New Hampshire, United States.2004,2008 Catherine MCCREEDY was born about 1839 in Burlington, Chittenden, Vermont, United States.2004,2008 She died of Apoplexy on 15 April 1900 at the age of 61 in Beekmantown, Clinton, New York.2008 Her Death Notice appeared in the The Plattsburgh Sentinel on 20 April 1900 in Plattsburgh, Clinton, New York, United States ACKLEY- In East Beekmantown, April 15, 1900, of Apoplexy, Mrs. Catherine McCreedy, wife of Daniel W Ackley, aged 69 years.

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