Sixth Generation

1220. Arthur William ACKLEY was born on 26 April 1819 in Altmar, Oswego, New York, United States.5,71,395,502,503,610,650 1870 cenus has birth as ca 1812 He was living between 1850 and 1880 in Albion, Oswego, New York, United States.395,502,503,610 From 22 June 1860 to 14 June 1880 he was a Farmer in Albion, Oswego, New York, United States.502,503,610 Arthur died circa 1880 at the age of 61.1253 He appeared in the census 1850, 1860 & 1870 in New York, United States. LDS lists the children with both Sophia & Catherine but Census data would indicate the children are Sophia's although this is not conclusive and could well be two seperate families.

Arthur William ACKLEY and Sophia Ann MATTISON were married.5,71,395,649 Sophia Ann MATTISON, daughter of Burton MATTESON and Lydia , was born about 1830.5,395 story has it that a schoolteacher in Vermont change the "e" to an "i" because it was more
phonetic She died before 1860 at the age of 30.502

Arthur William ACKLEY-5499 and Sophia Ann MATTISON-5500 had the following children:



Alice M ACKLEY-5501.



Ida A ACKLEY-5671.



Franklin Alphonso ACKLEY-5672.