Seventh Generation

2958. Samuel ACKLEY was born on 3 January 1831 in New York, United States.27,382,782,783,799,1436,1500 In 1850 he was a Farmer in Chatham, Medina , Ohio.382 He was dicharged from the military on 17 July 1865 in Bowling Green, Wood, Ohio, United States2478 Samuel was living between 1870 and 1880 in Center, Wood , Ohio.782,783 From 27 July 1870 to 22 June 1880 he was an a farmer in Center, Wood , Ohio.782,783 His Veterans Schedule in 1890 in Blissfield, Lenawee , Michigan1612 He appeared in the census between 1894 and 1900 in Michigan.1302 Samuel was living between 1894 and 1900 in Blissfield, Lenawee , Michigan.1301,1500 Biography of1437 Samuel Ackley, who has been a resident of Lenawee county since 1886 was born in the state of New York, Jan. 3, 1831, the son of Jonathan M. and Rhoda A. (Reynolds) Ackley. The parents removed to Medina county, Ohio. in 1840, and lived on a farm which the father had purchased until 1856, when they came to Michigan and located on an unimproved farm in Blissfield town­ship. This remained their home during the balance of their lives, the father's death occurring in September 1881, and the mother's on Feb. 14, 1891. Seven children were born to the parents; Joseph died May 1904; Susan (Ackley) Young now lives in Deerfield Township; Conrad died Oct. 28, 1907; Gilbert lives in Deerfield village, and Charles and Jonathan live in Adrian. Samuel Ackley received his elementary education in the schools of the Empire state and finished his scholastic training with a course in the district schools of Medina county, Ohio. For about a year imme­diately thereafter he assisted his father in the conduct of the farm and then removed to New York, where he continued his residence for a period of five years. At the end of that time he returned to Ohio, but a year later again went to the Empire state. There he enlisted in Company G. One Hundred and Forty-first New York infantry, and saw active service with that regiment for a pe­riod of three years. After the cessation of hostilities he returned to Wood County, Ohio, and was there engaged in farming until 1886, when he determined to remove to Lenawee County. He located on the farm he now occupies and has been most successfully and lucra­tively engaged in his calling ever since. In the matter of politics he has been allied with the Republican party ever since its incep­tion, but the only office of public trust which he has ever held has been that of school director, in which he served several years. Mr. Ackley has been married three times. His first union was to Miss Fannie M. Punches, daughter of Samuel and Fannie (Talbot) Punches, in Steuben county, New York, in 1852. Four children were the issue of this union, namely Jarvis, who died at the age of seven; Antoinette, who died at the age of five; Willard, who died in infancy, and Charlotte' M. (Ackley) Martin, now living in New York state. The first wife died in 1864 and in August, 1865, Mr. Ackley married Miss Sarah J. Lee, the daughter of George and Sarah Lee. Four children were born to this second marriage. Edith (Ackley) Stickles lives in Wood County, Ohio; Frank is a barber in Cement City. Mich.; Nora (Ackley) Twining died Dec. 25, 1891; and Winifred (Ackley) Harris died in 1898 Mr. Ackley's third marriage occurred at Bowling Green, Ohio, June 21, 1881, to Miss Phoebe A. Lee, born Aug. 23, 1850, the daughter of Thomas and Mary J. Lee. Mr. Lee died on March 23, 1891. and his wife on Sept. 10, 1883. Two chil­dren were the issue of this third marriage, Elza L., born Jan. 25, 1883, and Grace M., born Sept. 9, 1890. EIza L. married Miss Myrtle Lincoln and is a farmer in Adrian Township. He died from apoplexy on 25 January 1914 at the age of 83 in Blissfield, Lenawee , Michigan.799,1436 He was buried on 27 January 1914 in Blissfield, Lenawee , Michigan.799 Samuel has Death Cert # 1 He appeared in the census 1850, 1870 & 1880 in Ohio. He served in the military Civil War.2478 Samuel served in the military Civil War in Company G 141 NY infantry.1437

Samuel ACKLEY and Fannie M PUNCHES were married about 1852 in Stueben , New York.1437 Fannie M PUNCHES, daughter of Samuel PUNCHES and Fannie TALBOT, died about 1864.1437

Samuel ACKLEY-5453 and Fannie M PUNCHES-54498 had the following children:



Jarvis ACKLEY jarvis died age 7.1437



Antoinette ACKLEY died age 5.1437



Willard ACKLEY died intfancy.1437




Samuel ACKLEY and Sarah Jane LEE were married in August 1865.782,783,1437,2479,2480,2481,2482,2483,2484 Sarah Jane LEE, daughter of George LEE and Sarah , was born about 1842 in Ohio.467,782,783,2485 She appeared in the census between 1870 and 1880 in Ohio. She died on 7 April 1881 at the age of 39 in Wood, Ohio, United States.2485 Sarah was buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Bowling Green, Wood, Ohio, United States.40

Samuel ACKLEY-5453 and Sarah Jane LEE-7533 had the following children:



Edith Jane ACKLEY-7534.



Charles J ACKLEY was born in September 1868 in Wood, Ohio, United States.2486 He died in May 1869 at the age of 0 in Wood, Ohio, United States.2486 He was buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Bowling Green, Wood, Ohio, United States.2486 Plot: Section C7 Row 16 Stone 10



Frank Leslie ACKLEY-51517.



Elnora Luella ACKLEY-7536.



Alice W ACKLEY-65536.



Anna Winifred ACKLEY-7537.



Darwin ACKLEY was born on 1 March 1877 in Center, Wood , Ohio.90,1839 Recorded in: Wood, Ohio



Danone L ACKLEY was born on 5 March 1878 in Center, Wood , Ohio.90,1839 Recorded in: Wood, Ohio

Samuel ACKLEY and Phoebe A LEE were married on 21 June 1881 in Wood, Ohio, United States.5,2487 Phoebe A LEE, daughter of Thomas LEE and Mary J , appeared in the census between 1900 and 1920 in Michigan. She was born in August 1851 in Ohio.798,1500 LDS spells name Phebe She was living in 1920 in Summerfield, Monroe , Michigan.798 living with son in-law Edward Traub 1920

Samuel ACKLEY-5453 and Phoebe A LEE-8118 had the following children:



Elza Leroy ACKLEY-8119.



Grace M ACKLEY-8120.



Mabel ACKLEY was born on 14 October 1893 in Blissfield, Lenawee , Michigan.2488,2489 She died on 27 September 1895 at the age of 1 in Blissfield, Lenawee , Michigan.2489