Fifth Generation

563. Between 1850 and 1860 Oliver ACKLEY700,712 was a Farmer in Cutler, Washington, Maine, United States.707,708 He was born on 27 January 1782 in Machias, Washington, Maine, United States.5,663,701,707,708,712,713 birth year also reported as 1783 He appeared in the census between 1810 and 1870 in Maine. Oliver was living in 1810 in Plantation # 11, Washington , Maine.331 He was living between 1820 and 1840 in Maine.332,704,705 About 1828 he was a State fish inspector in Cutler, Washington, Maine, United States.712 About 1837 Oliver was a Mail Carrier in Cutler, Washington, Maine, United States.712 He was living between 1850 and 1870 in Cutler, Washington, Maine, United States.707,708,713 He died on 28 March 1871 at the age of 89 in Cutler, Washington, Maine, United States.663,712 aother source has death as 25 Apr 1871, the listed date of 28 Mar 1870 is from head stone Oliver was buried in April 1871 in Old Cutler Cemetery, Cutler, Washington, Maine, United States.663 Few Americans acquire the honor of having their name tagged to a body of water. Oliver Ackley is known today mostly for the Cutler pond which bears his name. Some fall into the habit of calling Oliver Ackley Pond: the "Pond" or "Ackley Pond;" but the slightly larger than ten acre pond, which most naturalists figure has changed little since early days of the 1780's Town settlement, cannot possess a more appropriate label.
Oliver Ackley was born at Machias on January 27, 1783. He took his first infant breath as a son of former British colo-nials, Benajah and Anna (Holmes) Ackley, who lived in the rebellious Shiretown during those dicey times. When the Peace of Paris was signed on October 19, 1783 (presently known as Sweetest Day) a mu-sician drummer, John I. Davis attended General George Wash-ington at Yorktown. Davis was one of Cutler's first settlers.
Oliver Ackley married Elizabeth McGuire of Cutler on April 4, 1806. For a while he carried mail to Cutler inhabi-tants beginning in 1837.
The first Cutler Post Office was established in 1830. Ack-ley's contract letter from the Post Office Department on April 22 1837 stated: "Sir, Before you can receive pay for carrying the mail, it will be necessary for you to furnish the certificate of the Postmaster at the beginning or end of the route, as to the date of the ac-tual commencement of service under your present contract, which expires on the 30th of June next. Respectfully, S. R. Hobbie, First Assistant P.M. General."
Earlier, in the fifty-second year of United States Independence as one document proudly explains, or 1828, Ackley was given an appointment by Gov-ernor Enoch Lincoln of Maine. Mind you, Maine was only an 8-year-old State in the Union, and Cutler in but its second year as a town, when the fish with fisheries not surprisingly were of concern under state supervi-sion.
Ackley's appointment reads: "our Governor, reposing special trust and confidence in the integrity, ability and discre-tion of Oliver Ackley of Cutler, hath nominated, and by and with the advice and consent of our Council, appointed the said Oliver Ackley, Inspector of Pickled Fish, and smoked Alewives and Herrings for the town of Cutler, in the County of Washington."
Ackley holds the distinc-tion of being Cutler's first recorded government official appointed by both the governor of the Great State of Maine, and the Assistant Post Master Gen-eral of the United States.
That first Post Office of 1830, where Ackley brought the mail, was shipped from Machi-asport to Cutler, for distribution from the Burnham Mill Lot. This Post Office operated later under the name of the "North Cutler Post Office," and after the dismantling of the sawmill at Turner Stream outlet was operated by Elvie Bryant in the present house of Arlene Bryant high on the ridge of a glacial moraine overlooking Little Ma-chias Bay.
Mail is generally reliable incoming commodity; whereas the prospect of fish on the other hand is another kettle of fish altogether.
Several years ago, while collecting information at the Maine State Archives in Augusta, I ran across the fol-lowing handwritten note of Oliver Ackley. In a good script, with bleak aspect, he penned:

n "Mr. Edward Rufsell, Esq.,
n Secretary of State, Portland:
Cutler, February 29th, 1830. Dear sir. I received a letter from you a requesting me to represent to you as near as may be in my power the quantity of dried and pickled Fish which was brought and imported into this Town in the year of 1828. Sir at the best of my knowledge there was about two hundred & fifty quen-tles of dried fish and about twenty barrels of pickled Fish. I dont know as I understand your question whether it means the dried and pickled Cod fish only, but for fear I dont answer your question I will send you the quantity of smoked fish which I inspected in the year of 1828 was 13.00 Boxes, and the year 1829 - 1.35 Boxes. Our fishery here used to be of considerable value but late years it is getting to of no great value. Respectively your most Obedi-ent Servent - Oliver Ackley
- Inspector of Fish."

The next time you go fishing in Oliver Ackley Pond, remember: tell those you meet that you weren't just dangling a line in any run-of-the-mill, generically-tagged pond, but in an historically named authentic and geologic marvel - the real thing: Oliver Ackley Pond!

CAUSE Trespass
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Oliver ACKLEY and Elizabeth (Betsey) A MCGUIRE were married on 25 April 1806 in Machias, Washington, Maine, United States.663,701,707,708 another source has month as Aug and another as 4 Apr 1806 Elizabeth (Betsey) A MCGUIRE appeared in the census between 1850 and 1860 in Maine.708 She was born in March 1791 in Machias, Washington, Maine, United States.663,707,708,714 In 1860 she was a Domestic in Cutler, Washington, Maine, United States.708 Elizabeth died on 14 September 1860 at the age of 69 in Cutler, Washington, Maine, United States.663,714 She was buried in Old Cutler Cemetery, Cutler, Washington, Maine, United States.663,714

Oliver ACKLEY-4634 and Elizabeth (Betsey) A MCGUIRE-4635 had the following children:



James A ACKLEY-4636.



Otis L ACKLEY-4805.



Sabrina Augusta ACKLEY-17434.



Living (private).



Eunice C ACKLEY-4680.



Elizabeth Augusta ACKLEY-4691.