Ninth Generation

6160. James Crerar "Jack" HUDSON2342 was born on 21 November 1899.2342 He died on 20 April 1945 at the age of 45.2342 Jack was of small stature, in contrast to his mother. He lived with his parents until 1924 and then at 2990 West 39th, Vancouver [Interview, Margaret Evans]. He married late in life. The 1939 telephone directory, lists his wife as 'Dorothy F.', but her middle name was likely Emily, as a Dorothy Emily Hudson died in 1973 [Reg.#1973-09-001892]. Jack worked as a shipper for Morrison Steel until his death of lung cancer in 1945 [Reg.#1945-09-660790]. He was buried at Ocean View Cemetery in Burnaby (grave 1, Plot 230, Heather). Upon Jack's death, Dorothy moved in with her parents-in-law. In 1952 Dorothy lived at 1617 Colman Road, Lynn Valley, North Vancouver

James Crerar "Jack" HUDSON and Dorothy Emily were married.2342 Dorothy Emily died about 1973.2342