Fifth Generation

675. Philo ACKLEY673,765 was born about 1773 in New York, United States.766 He purchased land about 1812 in Locke, Cayuga , New York767 He died before March 1820 at the age of 47 in Locke, Cayuga , New York.767,768,769 Philo's date of birth is unknown and his parentage uncertain

Cayuga County Historical and Genealogical Referral Center

Thomas G. Eldred County Historian
Prof. W. K. Long, Historian Emeritus

4 March 1976

Dear Mr. North,

Your inquiry has been referred to this office. Unfortunately,
Vital records were not kept in New York state until the 1880's so there

would be no birth record for Hyman Robinson or Philinda Akeley.
Our researcher has checked the land deeds for a record of Hyman.
He found many Robinsons but no Hyman.
He did find one Ackley (none spelled Akeley) here in Cayuga
In 1812, Philo Ackley purchased land in the town of Locke. However, by 1820
he had died leaving the following family: Jehial(Hial, only child over 21,
Rhoda 19, Oliver 17, Roswell 15, Freeman 12, Madorah 10, and Harriet 8
In 1826 and 1829,.when the estate was settled only Hial was married.
According to law, wives must sign with their husbands and the only signer was
Clarissa, wife of Hial. This would indicate that Hial was the only one who may
have had a family at the time that your Philinda was born.
We have checked the index for the 1820 and 1830 census for Cayuga
County and Hial was the only Ackley in Cayuga county. He was here in 1820 but not In 1830.
Do you knew when Hyman and Philinda appeared in Erie county? The
1855 Erie county census should give the number of years that they had
resided in the town in Erie county. Also, do you know any children's names?
Often, they are named for their grandparents. We could then compare the names with the 20 or so Robinson families that were here in 1810 to see if we might be able to identify the parents In that way
We hope that this helps you.

Thomas G Eldred
Cayuga County Historian

Philo ACKLEY and ? were married.770 ? died about 1818.768 She was born DANISH.766

Philo ACKLEY-2523 and ? -2524 had the following children:



Jehiel ACKLEY-12453.



Rhoda ACKLEY-2529.



Oliver ACKLEY was born on 23 September 1802.767,771 771



Roswell ACKLEY-2531.



Freeman ACKLEY-35526.



Medora ACKLEY-2527.



Harriet ACKLEY-2525.



? died IN INFANCY.770