Third Generation

21. John ACKLEY Jr was born about 1700 in East Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States.4,5 Lds puts birth date ca 1699 and ca 1701
Birth records: United States/Europe 900-1880 as ca 1701 He was living about 1736 in East Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States.72 He was living about 1739 in Hebron, Tolland , Connecticut.72 John was living about 1742 in New York, United States.72 He.73 John was a Loyalist during the Revolution


To the Right Honorable, Richard, Lord Viscount Howe-of the Kingdom of Ireland- And to His Excellency the Honorable William Howe Esq.' General of his Majesty's Sources in America; the King's Commissioners for restoring Peace to his Majesties Colonies in North America- Your Excellencies, by your declaration, bearing date July ~4th, 1776, having dignified, that “the King is desirous to deliver his American Subjects from the Calamities of War and other Oppressions which they now undergo; “and to restore the Colonies to his protection and peace “-and by a subsequent Declaration, dated Sep, 19th 1776, having also been pleased to express your desire “to Confer “with his Majesty's well affected subjects, upon the means “of restoring the public Tranquility and establishing a permanent union with every Colony, as a part of the British Empire.-We Therefore, whose names are hereunto Sub­scribed, Inhabitants of the City and County of New York, in the province of New York, reflecting with the tenderest emotions of Gratitude on this Instance of his Majesty's paternal Goodness; and encouraged by the Affectionate manner in which his Majesties gracious purpose hath been conveyed to us by your Excellencies, who have thereby evinced that Humanity, is inseparable from that true Mag­nanimity and those enlarged sentiments which forms the molt Shining Characters-beg leave to represent to your Excellencies- That we bear true allegiance to our Rightful Sovereign
George the Third as well as warm affection to his sacred person Crown and Dignity.-That we Esteem the constitu­tional Supremacy of Great Britain, over these Colonies, and other depending parts of his Majesties dominions, as Essen­tial to the Union, Security, and Welfare, of the whole Empire, and sincerely lament the Interruption of that Har­mony, which formerly subsisted between the Parent State and these her Colonies-That many of the Loyal Citizens have been driven away by the Calamities of War and the Spirit of Persecution which lately prevailed; or sent to New England, and other distant Parts We therefore hoping that the sufferings which our absent fellow citizens undergo for their Attachment to the Royal Cause may plead in their behalf; humbly pray that Your Excellencies would be pleased on these our dutiful representations to Restore this City & County to his Majesty's Protection and Peace

New York Oct 16th 1776


Haob Aaron, John Abeel, Abm. J. Abramse, Philip Ackert,2 Jeremiah Ackley, John Ackley, Abraham Adams, Edward Agar, Ernest Aimes, Jeronimus Akemsen, Stephen Allen, Thomas Allen, George Alliew, Robert Allison, Jeronemus Aistyne, John Aistyne, James Amar, John Amer­ In Dec 1742 John deeded away his share to his fathers land rights in E Haddam, at that time he called himself late of Cornwall in Hartford Co., CT, it is presumed he moved over the state line to NY.

John ACKLEY Jr and Lydia MOTT were married about 1739 in East Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States.5 LDS also lists marriage place as Hebron, Tolland Co., CT Lydia MOTT, daughter of Samuel MOTT and Mary BROCKWAY, was born on 22 March 1706 in Lyme, New London, Connecticut, United States.30,45 She died on 2 January 1762 at the age of 55 in East Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States.30,45

John ACKLEY Jr-25 and Lydia MOTT-26 had the following children:



? ACKLEY was born about 1740 in Colchester, New London , Connecticut.45






Silas ACKLEY was born on 25 August 1754 in Colchester, New London , Connecticut.5,27 On 18 May 1775he Enlisted 74 He was dicharged from the military on 17 December 1775 74 Silas served in the military as a Private in 8th Company under Capt Levi Wells the Revolutionary War in East Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States.74