Sixth Generation

715. Washington Spencer ACKLEY was living 1840 & 1860, 1870 in Chatham, Middlesex , Connecticut.252,387,390 He was born on 24 November 1806 in Chatham, Middlesex , Connecticut.5,27,51,107,387 LDS list birth place as Chatham, Barnstable Co., MA
LDS also birth month as Aug He was living in 1830 in Middlesex , Connecticut.244 Washington appeared in the following News Article from the Constitution on 19 June 1844 in Chatham, Middlesex , Connecticut The following is a list of Justices for Middlesex County
(excerpt) Washington S Ackley Between 1860 and 1870 he was a Farmer in Chatham, Middlesex , Connecticut.387,390 He died on 7 June 1873 at the age of 66 in East Hampton, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States.51,107,222,245 His Death Notice appeared in the Constitution on 11 June 1873 in Middlesex , Connecticut Died

Ackley- In East Hampton, June 7, Washington Ackley aged 66 years Washington was buried about 1873 in Tartia Cemetary, East Hampton, Middlesex , Connecticut.51,107,109 He appeared in the census 1830, 1840, 1860 & 1870 in Connecticut.

Washington Spencer ACKLEY and ? were married.809 ? died before 1928.809

Washington Spencer ACKLEY-2314 and ?-53967 had the following children:



Elizabeth ACKLEY-53968.

Washington Spencer ACKLEY and Diadama STRONG were married on 5 October 1828 in Chatham, Middlesex , Connecticut.5,54,107,124,222,224,387,390,810 married by Rev Timothy Stone Diadama STRONG, daughter of Henry STRONG and Susannah COOK, was born on 24 December 1810 in Connecticut.107,387,389,390 She was living about 1880 in Chatham, Middlesex , Connecticut.389 living with son Henry Clinton Ackley She died on 24 March 1883 at the age of 72 in Chatham, Middlesex , Connecticut.51,107,222 Diadama was buried in Tartia Cemetary, East Hampton, Middlesex , Connecticut.51,107,109 She appeared in the census 1860, 1870 & 1880 in Connecticut.

Washington Spencer ACKLEY-2314 and Diadama STRONG-2315 had the following children:



Cornelia Armington ACKLEY-21246.



Henry Clinton ACKLEY-5121.



Wilbur Fisk ACKLEY-52949.



Mary Elizabeth ACKLEY-2316.



James Edgar ACKLEY-61703.



Eva ACKLEY-2324.