Second Generation

5. Sgt John ACKLEY3 was born about 1662 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States.2,4,5,6,10,18,32 other sources put his birth at 1666
LDS also has birth as ca 1669 and place as East Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT
Birth records: United States/Europe 900-1880 as ca 1669 & 1662 He about 1691/2 in East Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States.36,37 Moses Rowley, Senior, "late of Saquanesset, now of Machimodus in Haddam," bought 60 acres of land of Jonathan Gilbert, originally laid out to John Henderson of Haddam, deceased. The date of this deed is May 3, 1692, and there is another deed dated October 4, 1693, which names Moses Rowley. An agreement of the heirs of James Bates of Haddam, dated Feb. 1691-2, refers to "mony in moses rowlyes and John Ackley's hands, to be reserved to pay debts with." These records indicate that he removed to Haddam as early as 1691

John Ackley the eldest son,as stated in a deed from his father dated "December the last," 1694, was born, it is believed, about 1662 and, if so at Hartford. He died a widower on August 25, 1736, at East Haddam,leaving seven children, who divided
him occured at Hartford on May 23, 1699, when Rebecca Spencer [see Spencer, p. 776] became his wife, but it seems possible that he married previously, since on the above date he may have had a later and younger wife * if the recorded age, at death, of his youngest son, Nathaniel, be correct).
well as the birth of all the children of is three brothers is preserved, no such record has been found pertaining to his children.
The fact, however, that 7 children of them all, there may have been twins, or the recorded age of Nathaniel at death may have been incorrect.
John Mitchell, his son-in-law. It seems fair to infer that John had been left a widower by, and perhaps but shortly before, December 7, 1727, and that he meant to make his
was in consideration of "my love and tender respect which I do bare unto my son Benjamin Ackly" and specified that Benjamin should have about 24 acres of his father's home
that John himself might continue to use this property during his life but that even at one Benjamin was to have the use of half the house and barn. He died on 25 August 1736 at the age of 74 in East Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States.5,9,10,16,18,30,32,38 John had his estate probated.38 Page 380 Name: Sergt. John Ackley Location: East Haddam
Died 25 August, 1736. Invt. œ383-04-06. Taken by Henry Chapman, Jeremiah Gates and Thomas Cone.
Court Record, Page 50--22 September, 1736: Adms. to John Ackley, son of the decd., who gave bond with Bartholomew Foster of Wallingford for œ500.
Page 52--2 November, 1736: Exhibit of inventory. He signed a will.39 ACKLEY, Sergt. John, East Haddam. Died 25 Aug 1736. Invt. £383-04-06. Taken by Henry CHAPMAN, Jeremiah GATES and Thomas CONE.

Court Record, Page 50 -- 22 Sep 1736: Adms. to John ACKLEY, son of the decd, who gave bond with Bartholomew FOSTER of Wallingford for £500.

Page 52 -- 2 Nov 1736: Exhibit of inventory
He was buried in Old Cove Cemetery, East Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States.40 In Dec 1727, John deeded various tracts of land to his sons and to John Mitchell, Husband of his Daughter Rebecca. On 7 Dec 1727 John deeded 24 acres of the home lot as well as the house, barn and orchards to his son Benjamin with the reservation that John would continue to have the use of the property during his life.
In 1718 Johns estate had been valued at 64-05-00 pounds but at his death in 1736 it was valued at 383-04-06 pounds, his estate was administered by his son John. His holdings included part ownership of a small Island bearing his name in the CT river near Haddam Neck. On 26 Sept 1736 his 7 children signed, and in Nov 1736 Acknowledged an agreement of distribution of his estate.

John--In 1718 his estate in East Haddam was rated at œ64 5s. In 1700 he deeded to his brother James land which he had received through his wife Rebecca. She signed the deed Rebecca Spencer. "Dec. the last," 1694, his father called him his eldest son, in a deed on Haddam Land Records. He was administrator on the estate of his father in 1695.

Sgt John ACKLEY and Rebecca SPENCER were married on 23 May 1699 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States.5,6,9,10,16,18,30,32,33,41,42,43,44 LDSalso has marriage date as abt 1690 & place as Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT
Michael Bostwick & Roy Leggitt has date as 23 MAR 1697 in Hartford, Hartford, CT Rebecca SPENCER, daughter of John SPENCER and Rebecca HOWARD, was born on 16 March 1666 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States.1,6,16,30,32,41,42,43 another source has birth year as 1665
Michael Bostwick has birth place as Haddam, Middlesex, CT
Sue Wilson <> has birth as ABT. 1660 in Lynn, Essex, MA She died about 1727 at the age of 61 in East Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States.30,32,45 She was buried in Old Cove Cemetery, East Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States.40

Sgt John ACKLEY-23 and Rebecca SPENCER-24 had the following children:



John ACKLEY Jr-25.



Thankful ACKLEY-43.



Rebecca ACKLEY-51.



Benjamin ACKLEY Sr-64.



Sarah ACKLEY-1504.



Mary ACKLEY-1505.



Nathaniel ACKLEY-1506.