Third Generation

53. 2ndLt Bezaleel ACKLEY was born on 14 February 1723 in East Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States.5,9,21,46,62,71,125,169 LDS has 4 Feb 1734 and 4 Feb 1723, place Hadlyme, New London Co., CT He was baptized on 8 March 1724 in East Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States.9,52 Earlene Cushman Bremer has baptism date as 17 Apr 1726 He died about 1776 at the age of 53 in Connecticut.125

2ndLt Bezaleel ACKLEY and Bridget CHAMPION were married on 23 November 1748 in Lyme, New London, Connecticut, United States.5,62,71,125,170 Bridget CHAMPION, daughter of Thomas CHAMPION and Elizabeth WADE, was born on 10 May 1728 in Lyme, New London, Connecticut, United States.62,170

2ndLt Bezaleel ACKLEY-2003 and Bridget CHAMPION-2004 had the following children:



Capt Champion ACKLEY-2005.



2nd LT Bezaleel ACKLEY171,172 was born on 16 June 1754 in Hadlyme, New London, Connecticut.5 He was baptized on 16 June 1754 in New London, New London, Connecticut, United States.5,62 He appeared in the following News Article from the The New Jersey Gazette on 26 September 1781 Deserted from the second regiment of Artillery, commanded by Col. John Lamb, on their rout from Trenton to the Head of Elk;
Bazaliel Ackley, matross, five feet nine inches and a half high, 29 years of age, by trade a founder; brown hair, fair complexion, was born in Connecticut, and resided for some time at Springfield, in East New Jersey. Bezaleel received a military pension on 14 August 1789 in New Jersey173,174 Pension # 8075 He served in the military Col Wylly's Regiment Revolutionary War in 22nd Continental Army.74,175 COLONEL WYLLY”S REGIMENT, 1776

Wylly's regiment of 1775, previously Gen. Spencer's, as re-organized for service in the Continental army for the year 1776. After the evacuation of Boston by the British, it marched under Washington to New York (by way of New London and the Sound) , and remained in that vicinity from April to the close of the year. Assisted in fortifying the city; ordered to the Brooklyn front Aug. 24; engaged in the Battle of Long Island Aug. 27; in retreat from New York, Sept. 1; present with army at White Plains, Oct. 26; remained under Gen. Heath in vicinity of Peekskill until expiration of term of service, Dec 31, 1776. It seems based on the following he was originally a Private in the Loyalist or British Army, deserting to the Revolutionary side becoming a 2nd LT of Artillery

Bezaleel was in the Continental Infantry (CT) 1 Jan to 31 Dec

Ackley, Bezaleel.Matross, Capt. John Doughty's co., Col. John Lamb's (2d Artillery) Regt.;
enlistment, during war; muster roll for Feb. and March, 1781, dated West Point.

Also, BEZELIEL ACKLY; he is about 25 years old, brown complexion, light brown hair, grey eyes; had on, when he deserted, a black regimental coat, hat, and a pair of overalls.--Any person that shal lapprehend said deserters, and deliver them to the commanding officer of the regiment, at the park of artillery, shall be entitled to a reward of Twenty Dollars for each, with necessary expenses attending the same.



Deborah ACKLEY-2208.



Lavina ACKLEY was born on 3 September 1758 in Hadlyme, New London, Connecticut.5 She was baptized on 3 September 1758 in Hadlyme, New London, Connecticut.5,62