Seventh Generation

2584. Charles ACKLEY was born on 13 September 1857 in Schuyler Lake, Otsego , New York.40,502,503,504,587,610,611,827,1126 1900 NY census has 1856 as birth year He appeared in the census between 1860 and 1930 in New York, United States. On 18 June 1880 he was an a farm laborer in Laurens, Otsego , New York.610 Charles was living between 1880 and 1930 in Laurens, Otsego , New York.587,610,611,1110,1126 living with parents 1880 On 5 May 1910 he was an a farmer in Laurens, Otsego , New York.611 In 1917 he was a Feed Business in Otsego, New York, United States.1263 In 1917 Charles was an Undertaker in Otsego, New York, United States.1263 He was living in 1917 in Mt Vision, Otsego , New York.1263 He signed a will on 24 October 1933.2191 His will was written October 24, 1933 and proved July 30. 1934 (Will Book 88 pg 323-324) His will mentions widow ROSE' Ann Ackley of Mt Vision NY Charles died about 1934 at the age of 77 in Laurens, Otsego , New York.40 He was a Farmer, Undertaker, Furniture seller & Feed store operator in Mt Vision, Otsego , New York. He was buried in Mount Vision Cemetery, Laurens, Otsego, New York.40 He was an avid baseball player, raised hops and was a member of Mt. Vision Methodist Church singing in the choir. About 1900 he along with brothers George, Benjamin and Burton built a house on the west side of the highway on the road headed north out of Mt. Vision. Charles grew vegetables and kept a couple of pigs. Rose made butter, cottage cheese and banana ice cream. (Them was The Good Old Days by Imogene Ackley and Paul J DuBois) Charles Ackley a native of Millford NY Bought land just north of the Basset house built a large house and operated an undertaking business (History of Laurens Township). A young Charles Reichard climbed up a ladder and got on the Roof at Charles Ackleys' house. Charles Ackley asked Charles Reichard who said he could climh up on the roof? Charles R. replied that the lord said it was all right. Grandfalher Charles then replied that the lord better tell him to go back down the ladder. Charles was a very good baseball player and family legend has it that he was recruited by the Yankees but declined.

Charles ACKLEY and Rosanna A WRIGHT were married on 27 May 1889 in Mt Vision, Otsego , New York.40,587,611,1126,2192 Rosanna A WRIGHT, daughter of Harlan A WRIGHT and Amelia FIELD, was born on 5 August 1871 in Hartwick, Otsego , New York.40,587,610,611,827,1126 She signed a will on 20 January 1935. Rose's will was written January 20 1935 and probated January; 16 1943. The will mentions four daughters Vaughn Reichard of Oneonta N Y. Ada M. Irish of Wells Bridge N Y. Glenadore B. Lull of Garratsville NY and Imogene Duboise of Binghampton NY Thc settlementt also mentions Vaughn Patrack Formerly Reichard (Otsego Country Records Will Book 91 pages 449-450). She died on 13 January 1943 at the age of 71 in Oneonta, Otsego, New York, United States.40,2189 Rosanna appeared in the census 1875,1880,1892,1900,1910 & 1930 in New York, United States. She was buried in Mount Vision Cemetery, Laurens, Otsego, New York.40 After Charles' death his widow Rose lived in an apartment for awhile. When she could no longer stay alone she began to stay with her children. Her son-in-laws would send a postcard with a black dot on it to the next in line letting them know that it was time to come pick up grandma (M S. R.)

She was the organist for the Mt Vision Methodist Church

Charles ACKLEY-17618 and Rosanna A WRIGHT-3086 had the following children:



Maude Ashley ACKLEY appeared in the census between 1892 and 1900 in New York, United States. She was born on 7 May 1890 in New York, United States.40,587,663,1110 She died about 1902 at the age of 12.40,663 Maude was buried in Mount Vision Cemetery, Laurens, Otsego, New York.40



Vaughn Mae ACKLEY-3088.



Ada Marguerita ACKLEY-3089.



Glenadore Bell ACKLEY-3091.



Reubena ACKLEY was born in February 1900 in New York, United States.40,587,611,663,1238 In 1920 she was a Nurses training in Laurens, Otsego , New York.1238 She appeared in the following News Article from the Oneonta Daily Star on 25 April 1922 in Oneonta, Otsego, New York, United States Mrs Gerald Irish is entertaining her sister, Miss Ruebena Ackley of Mt Vision for several days. Miss Ackley is a graduate nurse of Thanksgiving hospital, Cooperstown. Reubena appeared in the following News Article from the Syracuse Herald on 28 May 1926 in Syracuse, Onondaga, New York, United States ONEONTA GIRL'S DEATH UNSOLVED

No Trace of Poison in Ruebena Ackley's Organs

Oneonta, May 28- Analysis of the vital organs of Miss Ruebena Ackley, of Mt Vision, whose body was found in the rear baggage compartment of her automobile after having been missing for two months, failed to disclose any trace of poison or other evidence that would indicate the cause of her death, according to a report received from the Bender laboratories in Albany by Dr Norman W Getman of this city coroner.
Coroner Getman declared that he was not surprised that the report failed to disclose any traces of morphine from which it is believed Miss Ackley died.
So far as having any definite evidence of the cause of Miss Ackley's death, the authorities still are completely at sea. Dr Getman declared that he will announce the date of an inquest in a few days and thoroughly go into every phase of the young woman's disappearance, death and her subsequent discovery. She died about 1926 at the age of 26.40,663 Reubena was a nurse who disappeared in New York Citv and was found in the spring in the trunk of her car. Although it was ruled a suicide the family believed that she was murdered
She appeared in the census 1900, 1910 & 1920 in New York, United States. Reubena was buried in Mount Vision Cemetery, Laurens, Otsego, New York.40



Imogene ACKLEY-3094.