Second Generation

6. Thomas ACKLEY was born about 1664 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States.2,5,27 one source puts birth at abt 1675
Lds also has birth as ca 1661, ca 1670, ca 1671, ca 1676 He died on 16 January 1704 at the age of 40 in East Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States.2,3,9,17,21,46,47 LDS also puts death date at 1703
John and Nathaniel Ackley were appointed guardians for the children He had his estate probated on 26 May 1704 in Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States.23 Died 16 January, 1703-4. Invt. œ75-08-00. Taken by Daniel Braynard and Thomas Robinson, Selectmen.
Court Record, Page 56--26 May, 1704: This Court grants Adms. to Hannah Ackley, the widow of Thomas Ackley, decd.
Page 68--14 August, 1705: Benjamin Trowbridge, in right of his wife Hannah, renders an account of Adms. on the 7th of November, 1705. This Court order that the sd. Benjamin Trowbridge and Hannah his wife, Adms., may keep the lands belonging to the estate in their hands at present for their bringing up the small children, provided they keep the buildings and fences in repair. This Court appoint John and Nathaniel Ackley, of Haddam, guardians to Thomas, Job, Hannah and Ann, the four children of the sd. late Thomas Ackley. Dist. by John Fuller, Timothy Fuller and James Bates, of Haddam.
Page 71--7 November, 1705: Hannah Trowbridge, late Hannah Ackley, presented to this Court an account of her Adms., which this Court do allow and grant her a Quietus Est.
Page 17 (Vol. VIII) 3 July, 1710: Nathaniel Ackley, guardian to the four above mentioned children, having died, John Ackley assumes full guardianship.
Dist. File: 7 February, 1721-2: An agreement between the heirs for a dist. of the estate of Thomas Ackley, late of Haddam, decd., wherein Job Ackley made choice of his father-in-law, Benjamin Trowbridge, to be his guardian.
Benjamin X Trowbridge, ls. Hannah X Trowbridge, ls. Alexander X Spencer, ls. Ann X Spencer, Thomas X Ackley, ls. Job Ackley, ls. John X Lord, ls. Hannah X Lord.
Page 138 (Vol. X) 6 December, 1726: An agreement made 7 February, 1721-2, for the dividing and settling of the estate of Thomas Ackley, late of Haddam, decd., was now exhibited by the heirs to sd. Estate, viz: Benjamin Trowbridge for himself and Ann his wife, relict to sd. decd.; Alexander Spencer for himself and Ann his wife; John Lord for himself and Hanna his wife, late decd.; Thomas Ackley and Job Ackley. And before this Court they acknowledged sd. agreement to be their free act and deed, which agreement is accepted by this Court to be a settlement of sd. Estate. Thomas lived He had lived east of the river.2 On 14 Aug 1705, John Ackley and his brother Nathaniel was made joint guardians of Thomas,s four children after his death. Upon Nathaniels death in 1710 John became the sole guardian.

Thomas ACKLEY and Hannah were married about 1695 in Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States.5,9,16,48,49 LDS Lists as Hannah Ackley
LDS also lists marriage 1701, Colchester, New London Co., CT Hannah2,3 was born about 1678.5,50,51 LDS also lists birth as ca 1664 and ca 1668 East Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT She was baptized on 25 February 1704/5 in East Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States.52 She died on 19 September 1746 at the age of 68 in Chatham, Middlesex , Connecticut.49,50 The Trowbridge Genealogy has death as 6 Mar 1772 Hannah was buried in Cove Cemetery, East Haddam, Middlesex , Connecticut.50,53 Thomas--died January 16, 1704. "Hannah Ackley, widow of Thomas, son of Nicholas, in 1704 presented the inventory of Thomas Ackley's estate and took administration on her husband's said estate." July 9, 1705, Benjamin Trowbridge married the widow and in right of his wife, Hannah, accounted to the court for her administration on her first husband's estate. John and Nathaniel Ackley were appointed guardians for the children of Thomas--four in number.

Thomas ACKLEY-1548 and Hannah -1549 had the following children:



Hannah ACKLEY-1550.



Ann(e) ACKLEY-1555.



Cpl Thomas ACKLEY-12459.



Job ACKLEY-1586.