Eighth Generation

3993. Elias Samuel "Steine" ACKLEY was born on 8 January 1870 in New Carlisle, Saint Joseph , Indiana.5,229,1019,2123,2124,3225 LDS has birth place as Rolling Prairie, La Porte Co., IN He was living about 1896 in Rolling Prairie, La Porte, Indiana.2120 On 5 January 1920 he was a Marshall in New Carlisle, Saint Joseph , Indiana.2123 Elias was living between 1920 and 1930 in New Carlisle, Saint Joseph , Indiana.2123,2124 He appeared in the following News Article from the The Charleston Daily Mail on 22 February 1925 in Charleston, Kanawha , West Virginia FIVE BANDITS TAKEN BY FARMER-OFFICER

SOUTH BEND, Ind., Feb. 21- Fast and accurate handling of a double barreled shotgun by Oscar Smith, a giant farmer and deputy marshal, of New Carlisle, Indiana, today brought about the capture of five armed bandits who a few hours earlier had robbed the Millburg bank at Millburg, Michigan, of $52,000 worth of bonds.
Smith emptied both barrels of his shotgun into the auto in which the bandits were fleeing, wounding all of them and made possible their capture. They are in a hospital here.
The five bandits held up the Millburg bank at about noon and fled in the direction of South Bend. A few ours later a farmer notified Stine Ackley, New Castle marshal, that he saw the bandit's car speeding toward South Bend.
Ackley took Smith and in another machine gave chase. They overtook the bandits, crowded them to the side of the road and forced them to stop.
As Ackley walked up to the bandit car to question the men, one of the bandits shot him in the shoulder. Smith immediately fired through the windshield. He appeared in the following News Article from the Sunday Times Signal on 22 February 1925 in Zanesville, Muskingum, Ohio, United States SEVEN HURT IN GUN BATTLE BUT BANDITS ARE CAPTURED

Five Suspects Who Robbed Michigan Bank and Escaped With Fortune in Money and Securities Captured After 40-Mile Chase; Marshal of Indiana Town Hurt

South Bend, Ind. Feb. 21.- Following the robbery of the Millburg, Mich., bank of $2,900 in currency and $52,000 in negotiable securities this morning, sheriff's posses and citizens chased the five members of the bandit gang more than forty miles, engaged in revolver and shotgun duels with the bandits, wounding four of them and capturing them at New Carlisle, Ind.
During the progress of the battle two deputy sheriff's were wounded.
The five suspects were brought to South Bend and lodged in jail. They gave their names as:
Frank King, 31, Toledo, Ohio, suffering from gunshot wounds.
James Long, 42, Chicago, bullet wound in body.
Eddie Sommers, 35, Mishawaka, Ind., suffering from buckshot wounds.
John Marshall, 32, Hamilton, Conn., seriously wounded by gunshots in body.
Bert Murray, alias James Allison, Chicago, gunshot wounds.
Steine Ackley, marshal of New Carlisle, Ind., had a bullet in his right thigh and is believed to be seriously hurt.
Floyd Lintner, deputy sheriff of Galion, Mich., was shot through the foot.
All the members of the bandit gang and the two officers are under medical care. Elias appeared in the following News Article from the Clearfield Progress on 23 February 1925 in Clearfield, Clearfield, Pennsylvania LONE CONSTABLE SHOOTS, WOUNDS AND CAPTURES FIVE BANK BANDITS

South Bend, Ind., Feb. 23 (INS)- Elias Ackley, lone constable of New Carlise, Ind., Saturday, shot and wounded the five bandits who robbed the Millburg Sate Bank at Millburg, Mich., and though shot in the groin himself, captured all five.
Ackley, warned of the approach of the bandit car, took three revolvers and a shot gun. When the bandit car neared him, he stood in the middle of the road and shot it out with the desperadoes. Two of them were seriously wounded, and the other three suffering minor wounds.
Ackley turned the prisoners over to chief of police I. J. Lane of South Bend, who arrived just as Ackley fell- all his guns having been emptied. On 4 April 1930 he was a the Town Marshal in New Carlisle, Saint Joseph , Indiana.2124 He died in 1956 at the age of 86 in New Carlisle, Saint Joseph , Indiana.229 Elias was buried in New Carlisle Cemetery, New Carlisle, Saint Joseph , Indiana.51,229 He appeared in the census 1880, 1920 & 1930 in Indiana. listed as Samuel in 1880 census

1920 IN census states both parents from PA

Elias Samuel "Steine" ACKLEY and Emma Josephine REED were married on 26 February 1893.229,2123,2124,3225 Emma Josephine REED, daughter of John W REED, was born on 24 September 1870 in Rolling Prairie, La Porte, Indiana.40,1219,2123,2124,3225 She was living in 1900 in Willis, La Porte , Indiana.1219 living with father John Reed She died on 20 January 1949 at the age of 78 in South Bend, St. Joseph, Indiana, United States.40,229,2133,3225 Emma was buried in New Carlisle Cemetery, New Carlisle, Saint Joseph , Indiana.40,51,229 She appeared in the census 1900, 1920 & 1930 in Indiana.

Elias Samuel "Steine" ACKLEY-14810 and Emma Josephine REED-15278 had the following children:



PO 3 Claude Maule ACKLEY-15399.



Zena ACKLEY-22309.



Midget ACKLEY229 was born in March 1899 in Indiana.1219 She was living in 1900 in Willis, La Porte , Indiana.1219 listed as boarder with Uncle Philander H Ackley