Seventh Generation

1808. Whitfield ACKLEY425 was born on 15 July 1832 in Licking, Ohio, United States.27,809,880,1697,1698 He was living in March 1857 in Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States.1698 On 21 June 1860 he was a Farm Laborer in Dry Grove, McLean , Illinois.880 Whitfield was living in 1860 in Dry Grove, McLean , Illinois.880 living with the Isaac Forbes family 1860 census On 23 June 1880 he was an a farmer in Hudson, McLean, Illinois, United States.809 He was living between 1880 and 1900 in Hudson, McLean, Illinois, United States.809,1697 Whitfield died on 7 April 1907 at the age of 74 in Hudson, McLean, Illinois, United States.1698 He was buried in Hudson Cemetery, Hudson, McLean, Illinois. He appeared in the census 1860, 1880 & 1900 in Illinois. Biography of1698 ACKLEY, Whitfield (deceased).-The career of Whitfield Ackley is typical of that of many others among the strong and forceful up builders of the Middle West. Born amid the crudest of surroundings, in Licking County, Ohio, July 15, 1832, he was a son of Levi Ackley. who, with the exception of a few months spent elsewhere in the same State, passed his entire life in Licking County, of which be was one of the earliest settlers. He found a wife there to share his uncertain fortunes for a few years. but She died when her son. Whitfield. was very young, and the meager earnings of the father necessitated an entire breaking up of the family. When about four years old Whitfield Ackley was bound out to a man of the name of John Shannon. with whom be remained until attaining his majority. He still retains vivid recollections of the subscription school where be gained his first book knowledge, his teachers receiving from $15 to $18 per month, for twenty-six working days. The educators of that time and place had troubles of which those of the present are unaware. and not the least of these was the necessity of doing janitor work on bitterly cold mornings~. after walking long distances, over frozen ground. Each Christmas the teacher was ex­pected to “treat” the whole school, and, failing to do so. was locked in the school room until he experienced a change of heart. and the “treat” was forthcoming. There was never any loop bole for the escape of wrong-doers. for when mischief had been perpetrated and it was impossible to find the real offender, the whole school was subjected to a “bitching.” Parents of the pupils supplied fuel and other school necessaries, and the secessions were held in a log cabin, around the stalls of which were projecting wooden pins which supported the desks. As an apprentice. Mr. Ackley worked hard for his board and clothing, together with a few educational and social advantages. The grub worms at that time were very troublesome, and as yet no means had been discovered for their extinction,. Of ten be grubbed brush an entire day for six pounds of salt, or cut rails for 25 cents a hundred. The plows were made of hickory. with hickory traces and one hickory-with line, and it is a serious reflection upon the present residents of certain portions of Licking County, that they still use hickory plows, a fact discovered by Mr. Ackley during a recent visit to his childhood home. Clothed in a fine new suit, with the sanguine anticipations incident to his twenty-one years, Mr. Ackley started out in the world to make an independent fortune, arriving in Bloomington. which then was a small aggregation of houses. in March, 1857. Continuing his journeying. he reached Hudson, McLean County, at ten o'clock. the same night. and, failing to dud other accommodations spent the night in the station. Soon afterwards be found employment in a sawmill on Money Creek, near Kappa, and a month later, began to work on the farm of Jesse Trimmer, where he remained a year. On different farms, he earned a $1.50 a day by binding wheat and oats. in the mean time living frugally, and saving always more than he spent. In 1861 Mr. Ackley married Catherine Forbes, of Dry Grove Township, and forthwith settled upon 40 acres of hind belonging to Abraham Harrison. on which be remained for a year. In 1863 be purchased of Samuel Fry, for $1,500, 80 acres of land in Dry Grove Township, paying down $750, for the loan of which he paid 12% interest. Corn at that time sold for from 15 to 20 cents a bushel, and oats brought 17 cents. In 1877 Mr. Ackley sold his farm for $3,700 cash, and purchased the SO acres in Hudson Township which is now his home, being at present operated by his son, Wallace. Mr. Ackley had a life of unceasing toil, and the gospel of industry and thrift bad no more enthusiastic believer. He had been a widower since 1892. and of his six children. but three are living, namely: Jennie, wife of Ira Barsby, who lives in Kansas; Wallace, who married Cora Ferguson and lives in Hudson Township; and Maggie, who is the wife of Charles Schlosser, and lives in Blue Mound Township. Mrs. D. C. Greer, mother of Mrs. Wallace Ackley, died February 2. IOOS. In politics, Mr. Ackley was a Democrat, but aside from the duty of casting his vote, he was never active in political affairs. Although not a member of any church. be was a man of unquestioned integrity and great moral courage. He died April ,7 1907. Lived with the John Shannon on the death of his mother

Whitfield ACKLEY and Catherine (McClure) FORBES were married in 1861.809,1698 They809,1698 were married on 22 November 1861 in Hudson, McLean, Illinois, United States.71,1699 Catherine (McClure) FORBES was born on 2 September 1830 in Pennsylvania.809 She appeared in the census in 1880 in Illinois. She died on 24 January 1882 at the age of 51 in Hudson, McLean, Illinois, United States.1698 Catherine was buried in Hudson Cemetery, Hudson, McLean, Illinois.

Whitfield ACKLEY-137 and Catherine (McClure) FORBES-138 had the following children:



John Levi ACKLEY was born on 8 March 1863 in Hudson, McLean, Illinois, United States.809 He appeared in the census in 1880 in Illinois. He died on 1 October 1887 at the age of 24 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, United States. John was buried in Hudson Cemetery, Hudson, McLean, Illinois.



Sarah Jane (Jennie) ACKLEY-140.



Margaret Isabel (Maggie) ACKLEY-145.



Wallace George ACKLEY-153.