Fifth Generation

346. Abner Brown ACKLEY99 was born about 1763 in Connecticut.27 He was baptized on 11 October 1767 in East Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States.5 He appeared in the census in 1790 in Connecticut. Abner was living in 1790 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United States.99 He died before 1800 at the age of 37.123 1790 Census would indicate all children born prior to 1790 this is a conflict

Abner Brown ACKLEY and Huldah REMINGTON were married about 1789.487,488 Huldah REMINGTON, daughter of Benjamin REMINGTON and Mary BUSH, was born on 9 December 1765.488 She appeared in the census in 1800 in Connecticut. She was living in 1800 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States.123 Huldah died on 25 February 1803 at the age of 37.488

Abner Brown ACKLEY-1261 and Huldah REMINGTON-1262 had the following children:



Girl was born in May 1790.90,489 She died on 20 July 1793 at the age of 3.90,489 She appeared in the following News Article from the in the Windham Herald on 27 July 1793 in Windham, Windham , Connecticut WH Sat July 27, 1793: Hartford, July 22. Last Saturday, Ezekiel Case of Wintonbury, was committed to goal charged with the murder of a child of Mr. Ackley of that place. It appears that Case was employed by Mr. Ackley to make shoes ­ that in a fit of distraction he left his work and struck his sister who was holding the child, violently on her head, which obliged her to drop it and run ­ that he then beat the child on the head with a hammer, till it expired. Girl appeared in the following News Article from the in the Windham Herald on 10 August 1793 in Windham, Windham , Connecticut WH Sat Aug. 10, 1793: From the Connecticut Courant. Mess. Hudson and Goodwin, By desire of the parents of the child destroyed in the tragical scene at Wintonbury, in the town of Windsor, on the 20th of July instant, and others whose attention was commanded, you are
requested to publish in your next paper, That Ezekiel Case the perpetrator of the horrid crime had dwelt in the house of Mr. Ackley about ten weeks next preceeding; and had been there employed as a journeyman, at the shoemaking business. That in the same family, a sister of his, an amiable and worthy character aged about 34 years, had resided as a nurse and house labourer about three weeks -,in the course of which he had discovered upon several occasions, an inimical disposition towards his sister. That on the morning of the fatal day, he arose from his bed, and entered upon his labour as usual, and continued in the shop industriously employing himself, till called to breakfast, when he attended with the family, made his breakfast as at other times, and returned to his work, which he diligently attended to until about half past nine in the forenoon, (having by that time, and in that morning, performed as much service, as to begin and finish a woman's shoe, and in as good workmanship as at any other time.) Nothing particular had then been observed of him, during the time above mentioned, but upon recollection, it appears that he had been unsociable, the unnoticed in him. The act was thus: he suddenly cast his shoe from him, and with his hammer in his right hand, he instantly left his seat, passed a door into the kitchen of the house, where his sister was engaged in family business, seized her by the shoulder with one hand and smote her with the hammer upon the back part of the head, she exerted her utmost strength to disengage herself from him, and to flee, while he gave her a second, and most dangerous wound near the crown of the head, with which she now languishes; she dragg'd him thro a second room into an outward entry, and thro an outward door made her escape,
(during which, he gave her three or four additional blows, upon the shoulders, back, and etc.) Case immediately returned into the last mentioned room, and with a countenance terrible as death with his harm and hammer extended, rushed upon Mrs. Ackley, enfeebled with long sickness, and setting at a cool window, with her only little daughter in her lap, aged about 3 years and 2 months, and without words, he seized the child by the arm, and smote Mrs. Ackley repeatedly upon the head, and by a third stroke fell'd her to the floor, he gave her several violent blows with the hammer, before she with the utmost difficulty had effected her escape. The murderous hand then proceeded against the desirable child, and with savage barbarity and cruelty plunged the face of the hammer, thro the skull into the brains of its head, and not satisfied with this, repeated the blows upon other parts of its head, and upon the ribs and hip of the child; and immediately retired into a dark corner of the lower apartment of an adjoining bark-house. The considerate public will please to suspend their opinion whether the above was in a fit of distraction (according to the usual understanding of the world distraction) as was suggested in your last paper, until the trial of the
forenamed Ezekiel Case, in September next * Murdered by Ezekiel Case



Joel ACKLEY was born on 24 October 1792 in East Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States.5 another source puts birth at 27 May 1790
LDS also lists birth place as Hartland, Hartford Co., CT He purchased land on 18 July 1828 in Jackson , Arkansas422,423 Document Number : 26049
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federal land records have a Joel Ackley purchasing land in Jackson Co., Ark on 18 Jul 1828 with co signer being Benjamin Ackley



Benjamin ACKLEY was born on 27 May 1794 in Hartland, Hartford, Connecticut, United States.5,71 He purchased land 422,423 Document Number : 26049
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