Sixth Generation

849. 2nd Lt Solon Napolean ACKLEY199 appeared in the census between 1870 and 1880 in Kansas. He appeared in the census 1880 , 1885 & 1900 in Colorado. He was born on 9 October 1836 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States.27,382,467,468,582,586,839,993,994,995 1850 OH census lists as Initial A only
The Haverhill Emersons has birth as 7 Oct 1837 Solon appeared in the census between 1850 and 1860 in Ohio. He was living in 1860 in Parma, Cuyahoga , Ohio.467 On 11 July 1860 he was an a farmer in Parma, Cuyahoga , Ohio.467 On 21 June 1870 Solon was a Farmer in Republican, Clay , Kansas.994 He was living in 1870 in Republican, Clay , Kansas.994 On 16 June 1880 he was an a farmer in Oakland, Clay , Kansas.582 Solon was living in 1880 in Oakland, Clay , Kansas.582 He was living in 1880 in Eagle River Country , Summit , Colorado.996 He was living between 1885 and 1900 in Red Cliff, Eagle , Colorado.993,997 Solon received a military pension on 24 May 1892 in for service during the Civil War in the Colorado Cavalry, Regiment: 1, Company: F583 Between 1896 and 1899 he was an a county judge in Red Cliff, Eagle , Colorado.998 He appeared in the following News Article from the The Washington Post on 23 June 1905 in Washington D. C. Daughter of the Late David Wolfe Brown Becomes Owner of Rich Gold Mine.

Red Cliffe, Colo., June 14.- Miss Elizabeth Killingworth Brown, eldest daughter of the late David Wolfe Brown, who was for forty years chief of the official reporters of debates, House of Representatives, while visiting Mrs Dunn, who is known as the "mining Queen" of Colorado, has become owner of what they say will be one of the biggest and richest mines in Colorado. Miss Brown came here a month ago to spend the summer with Mrs Dunn, and by the merest chance heard of the claims known as "the Lone Star". There are five large claims situated just two miles from Red Cliffe, where Miss Brown is staying. The claims were owned by two men, Judge Ackley and a man named :Scotty" a prospector, who located all the big mines in Cripple Creek, such mines as the Vindicator, the Finley, and many others, He bought the claims for little or nothing, and then found it impossible to work them from lack of money.
Since then these mines have been producing millions. This is just how Miss brown has become the owner of the claims known as "The Lone Star" the owners though they knew the claims were valuable were in need of ready money, so Miss Brown persuaded them to sell. Solon appeared in the census between 1910 and 1920 in Nevada. He was living in 1910 in Wadsworth, Washoe, Nevada.999 On 16 April 1910 he was an a slesman in a general store in Wadsworth, Washoe, Nevada.999 Solon appeared in the following News Article from the Nevada State Journal on 27 October 1912 in Reno, Washoe, Nevada, United States FOR JUSTICE OF THE PEACE (Wadsworth Township) Vote for one

Ackley, Solon N.................Republican Party
Washhelm, David..............Deomcratic Party On 31 January 1920 he was a Postmaster in Wadsworth, Washoe, Nevada.995 He was living in 1920 in Reno, Washoe, Nevada, United States.995 Solon died on 19 October 1928 at the age of 92 in Wadsworth, Washoe, Nevada.583,586,839 He was buried in Wadsworth South Fraternal, Cemetery, Wadsworth, Washoe, Nevada, United States.90,586,1000,1001 Row 14L #3

The cemetery, as well as the town of Wadsworth and surrounding area are located on the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation. Wadsworth Fraternal Cemetery is located east of the town of Wadsworth and next to the cemetery is another cemetery used exclusively by members of the Paiute Indian tribe.
The cemetery appears to be abandoned and no longer in use. There are many gravesites with missing markers and none of the remaining wood headboards are legible.
This is a record of all existing, legible tombstone inscriptions in this cemetery, which was completed by Mr. Fred Kemmerle in November 2003
19 J8un 1880 he was an a silver miner in Eagle River Country , Summit , Colorado.996 Solon served in the military Civil War in 1st Regiment, Colorado Cavalry Co F.583,586,1002 1st Regiment, Colorado Cavalry

Regiment organized from 1st Colorado Infantry November 1, 1862. Attached to District of Colorado, District of the Upper Arkansas and District of the Plains till November, 1865, operating against Indians and protecting stage routes. Stationed by detachments at Denver, Camps Collins, Curtis, Fillmore, Robbins, Weld and Canon City and at Forts Lyon and Garland.

SERVICE.-Skirmish at Grand Pass, Fort Halleck, Idaho, July 7, 1863 (Detachment). Expedition from Denver to Republican River, Kansas, April 8-23, 1864 (Co. "D"). Skirmish near Fremont Orchard, Colo., April 12 (Cos. "C" and "H"). Expedition from Camp Sanborn to Beaver Creek, Kansas, April 14-18 (Cos. ("C" and "H"). Skirmish at Big Bushes, Smoky Hills, April 16 (Cos. "C" and "H"). Skirmish at Cedar Bluff, Colo., May 3 (Co. "C"). Scout from American Ranch to Cedar Bluff May 9-10. Scout from Fort Sumner August 3-November 4 (Cos. "A," "B" and "G"). Scout from Fort Union, N. Mex., August 4-September 5. Affair near Fort Lyon, Colo., August 7. Skirmish near Sand Creek August 11 (Cos. "D," "G," "K" and "L"). Scout on Fort Union Road, near Fort Garland, August 12-16 (Detachment). Skirmish, Atkins' Ranch, August 22. Skirmish, Walnut Creek, Kansas, September 25 (Cos. "L" and "M"). Skirmish, Fort Lyon, October 9. Affairs near Fort Lyon November 6-16. Pawnee Forks November 25 (1 Co.). Engagement with Indian at Sand Creek, Colo., November 29 (Cos. "C," "D," "E," "G," "H"and "K"). Company "B" at Fort Zarah, Kansas, August to October, 1864, then at Fort Garland. Skirmishes at Valley Station and Julesburg, Colo., January 7, 1865. Operations on Overland Stage Route between Denver and Julesburg January 14-25, 1865 (Co. "C"). Skirmish, Valley Station, Colo., January 14 (Co. "C"). Skirmish, Godfrey's Ranch, January 14 (Detachment). Skirmishes at Morrison's or American Ranch and Wisconsin Ranch January 15. Point of Rocks or Nine- Mile Ridge, near Fort Larned, January 20. Gittrell's Ranch January 25. Moore's Ranch January 26. Lillian Springs Ranch January 27. Near Valley Station January 28 (Co. "C"). Operations against Indians near Fort Collins, Colo., June 4-10 (Co. "D"). Expedition from Denver to Fort Halleck, Dakota, June 17-19 (Co."D"). Operations about Rock Creek Station, Seven-Mile Creek, Dakota, June 24-30 (Cos. "A" and "D"). Mustered out at Leavenworth, Kansas, November 18, 1865.
His Obituary appeared in the 199 Obituary of Solon Napolean Ackley:

Civil War Veteran Who Saw Denver's Birth Passes

A man whose career extended through the stirring events of two generations and the greater part of a third, died yesterday at Wadsworth (Nevada). He was Solon N. Ackley, 92, miner, officer in the Civil war, justice of the peace, judge, county clerk, postmaster, mechanic and maker of stringed musical instruments. The old gentleman passed suddenly yesterday afternon when the machinery that had carried him through double the span of years most men are allowed, abruptly broke down.

Saw Denver's Birth

Of Ohio stock, born in 1836, young Ackley felt the western urge in his blood and in his 'teens went with an emigrant train to Colorado, scene of an exciting gold rush. It has been the boast of the nonagenarian for years that he "knew Denver when the town was nothing but a log cabin on Cherry Creek."
With the outbreak of the CIvil war he enlisted as a private in Company F of the First Colorado Volunteers, became a sergeant, and in 1862 was commissioned as second lieutenant. Fighting on the southwestern front under General Chivington, Lieutenant Ackley took command when his captain was killed in a New Mexico engagement and later was seriously wounded himself.

Follows Ranching
Following the war he engaged in ranching in Kansas and at Clay Center also held offices of justice of the peace and county judge for several terms. He also filled several public offices in Colorado during his long career. In 1905 he came to Nevada to be with his son, Constable Frank Ackley of Wadsworth, and for five years was postmaster there. With a flair for mechanics and a master of handicraft, Ackley during the later years of his life had developed a hobby for musical instrument manufacture.

Made Instruments
Scores of stringed instruments including violins, cellos, guitars, were fashioned with knife, plane and sandpaper to augment the novelty instruments he had made for vaudeville comedians, and other entertainers a score of years ago. Although he is said to have a fine mastery in the making of the instruments, none was ever sold and he took pleaseure in presenting them to his friends and relatives.

The veteran leaves two daughters, Mrs. Sophia Emerson of Cleveland, and Mrs. Minnie McArthur of Wadsworth; two sons, Frank and G. A. Ackley of Wadsworth; a sister, Julia Stearns of Pittsburgh, and 15 grandchildren and 11 greatgrandchildren. A brother, John M. Ackley, who died in 1925, was a member of the Nevada territorial legislature.

The remains, wrapped in the Stars and Stripes, will be taken to Wadsworth today for funeral services Sunday afternoon. Interment will be in the Wadsworth cemetery. may or may not be a conflict as he is listed as Sloan in the 1880 CO census, this census also states father from VT and mother from ME, occupation listed as miner, no family.

Solon Napoleon Ackley made stringed instruments - violins, violas.
His wife, Cornelia Victoria James Ackley, played the violin. (Family legend has it that Cornelia was first cousin to outlaw Jesse James)

The family lived in around the Little Blue River in Nebraska and Kansas; most of their 14 children were born in Oak Hill or Clay Center. They moved to Redcliff (Eagle County), Colorado in 1883-84. Solon served in the Union Army during the Civil War. He retired to Wadsworth, Nevada. He lived in Wadsworth, Nevada with his youngest son Garfield (a barber) until his death in 1928

2nd Lt Solon Napolean ACKLEY and Cornelia Victoria JAMES were married on 5 April 1857 in Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States.5,467,473,582,994,997 They5,467,473,582,994,997 were divorced on 31 January 1889 in Eagle, Colorado, United States.1003 Cornelia V Ackley vs. Solon N Ackley, married Apr 5, 1856 Middlebury, Ohio, divorced decree docket 170 Eagle County, Colorado District Court on Jan 31, 1889. No dependent children listed Cornelia Victoria JAMES appeared in the census between 1870 and 1880 in Kansas. She appeared in the census between 1885 and 1900 in Colorado. She was born on 16 July 1840 in Hinkley, , Ohio.51,199,467,582,993,994,997,1004 Cornelia appeared in the census in 1860 in Ohio. She died on 25 January 1910 at the age of 69 in Eagle, Eagle, Colorado, United States.51,1004 She was buried in Greenwood cemetery, Red Cliff, Eagle , Colorado.40,51,1004

2nd Lt Solon Napolean ACKLEY-1130 and Cornelia Victoria JAMES-1131 had the following children:



Cora Victoria ACKLEY-1132.



Sophia Louise ACKLEY-1135.



John ACKLEY was born on 19 April 1866 in Leavenworth, Leavenworth , Kansas.199 He died on 19 April 1866 at the age of 0.199



Minnie Emma ACKLEY-1145.



Lena Z ACKLEY was born on 27 October 1875 in Oak Hill, Clay , Kansas.199 She died on 21 December 1876 at the age of 1.199



John Frank ACKLEY-1153.



Solon David ACKLEY-1154.



Asa ACKLEY was born on 19 December 1878 in Oak Hill, Clay , Kansas.199,1005 He died of Cholera Infantum on 24 September 1879 at the age of 0 in Oakland, Clay , Kansas.1006



Amy V ACKLEY-1203.



Garfield Arthur ACKLEY-1204.