Fifth Generation

322. Hannah ACKLEY was born on 21 November 1756 in East Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States.5,21 LDS also has birth day as 28 Nov She was baptized on 28 November 1756 in Middle Haddam, Middlesex , Connecticut.21 She was living between 1773 and 1794 in Marlborough, Hartford , Connecticut. Hannah was living between 1794 and 1808 in East Hampton, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States. She died on 24 January 1808 at the age of 51.461

Hannah ACKLEY and David STRONG were married about 1773.461,462,463 this union produced 19 children eleven who died in infancy David STRONG, son of Ezra STRONG and Abigail CALVERY, was born on 6 June 1751 in Colchester, New London , Connecticut.461,463 He died on 28 November 1825 at the age of 74.461,463

Hannah ACKLEY-1042 and David STRONG-1043 had the following children:



Benjamin Ackley STRONG-32492.



Hannah STRONG-27021.



Anson Deacon STRONG-1044.



Clarrissa STRONG-1049.