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  19. Description:
    The Gene Pool was created while gathering genealogical data for use in the study of human genetics and disease. Compiling data for genetic research does not require the same type of documentation as traditional genealogical research. The genes themselves verify relationships and qualify or disqualify a person from a particular study. Citing the source of every genealogical fact in the electronic gene pool was deemed unnecessary and cost prohibitive by medical researchers. Millions of individual records were created from birth, marriage and death records; obituaries; probate records; books of remembrance; family histories; genealogies; family group sheets; pedigree charts; and other sources. The records collected that did not fit a specific study became the project's "by-products" and were schedule to be discarded. After viewing the quality of the source material used to create the gene pool and despite the absence of cited documentation, the electronic rights to the data were purchased, rather than see it destroyed.
    Extended Description:
    Thousands of families are known to be present in the database, containing 20 million names in 5 million records. This data covers the entire U.S. for a wide expanse of years. At a minimum, each record contains an individual's name, date and place of birth, and the name of his or her father. A complete record will contain the following information for an individual: Name, Date and Place of Birth, Date and Place Married, Date and Place of Death, Name of Spouse, Name of Father, Name of Mother, Use this database as a finding tool, just as you would any other secondary source. When you find the name of an ancestor listed, confirm the facts in original sources, such as birth, marriage, and death records, church records, census enumerations, and probate records for the place where the even took place.
    (Source Information:
    Edmund West, comp. Gene Pool Individaul Records. [database online] Provo, UT:, 2000)
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  46. This index contains the names of those children born between the years 1 July 1907-19. The father’s full name, the mother’s maiden name (if known), the child’s given names, the birth date, the birth location, the certificate number, the sex, and race may also appear. The child’s name may not be known and “unnamed” will appear in the place of a name. For information on how to order a copy of a birth certificate, visit the Washington State Department of Health website.

    The mandatory recording of births and deaths on a state level began 1 July 1907. Although the keeping of birth records at a state level officially began on this date, not all counties may have reformed to this new law right away. Therefore, it is important to check for birth records at a county level if they are not found at a state level. From 1891 to 1907 birth and death registers were kept on a county level. Prior to 1891, Washington had no legislative provision for the recording of births and deaths.
    (Washington, Ancestry’s Red Book by Dwight A. Radford, edited by Alice Eichholz. (Salt Lake City, UT: Ancestry Incorporated, 1992)

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  56. This database is an index to death records for the state of Washington for the years Washington Death Index 1907-1996 In addition to providing the name of the deceased, the index also provides the person's age, place and date of death, and sex. The index was obtained from the Washington State Archives and was originally created by the Washington State Health Department (Washington State Department of Health. Microfilmed copy of index obtained from: Washington State Archives)
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    The U.S. Public Records Index is a compilation of various public records spanning all 50 states in the United States from 1984 to the present. Entries in this index may contain the following information: name, street or mailing address, telephone number, birth date or birth year
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