First Generation

1. Francis ACKLEY Sr1 was born about 1730 in Boston, Suffolk , Massachusetts.2,3 LDS has birth ca 1725 He died on 17 June 1775 in Boston, Suffolk , Massachusetts.2 Died at the battle of Bunker Hill Francis Ackley is said to have taken part in the Boston Tea Party.

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Francis signed the following petetion


Four hundred and thirty-nine inhabitants of Boston, New England, petitioned the Mouse of Commons in England to compensate them for their losses during the great fire of 1760. The petition was sent by the house to the Lords of the Treasury in London (PRO: T1/412) where it was endorsed; "React February 1761. My Lords think it not proper to consent."
The Bostonians say In their appeal that "on 21) March last a most terrible fire, exceeding any that ever before happened in the American Colonies, broke out in the heart of Boston at two in the morning which, increased by the wind blowing from the North West and the flames of many wooden buildings raged with irresistible violence carrying alt before it, and widening in its progress, proceeded with such a rapid course to the water's edge that the houses and other buildings of your petitioners were reduced to ashes, and sane of your petitioners from affluent, and others from easy, circumstances, to great straits and indigence." The claimants say they were received with the greatest humanity by their fellow citizens but the financial burden on the town became unbearable since Boston "for many years past has bore more than other colonists in consequence of greater exertion to prevent French encroachments and to prosecute the war.

Francis ACKLEY Sr and Tabitha BULL were married on 8 June 1750 in Boston, Suffolk , Massachusetts.2,3,4,5 Tabitha BULL was baptized on 26 April 1730 in 1st Congregational Church, Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts.4,6 She was born on 26 April 1730 in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts.7

Francis ACKLEY Sr-15510 and Tabitha BULL-15505 had the following children:



Francis ACKLEY Jr-11438.



Joseph ACKLEY-16247.



Tabitha ACKLEY was born on 9 December 1753 in Boston, Suffolk , Massachusetts.2 She was baptized on 9 December 1753 in Old South Church, Boston, Suffolk , Massachusetts.2 She died on 27 June 1798.2



Thomas ACKLEY-17258.



John ACKLEY-11636.



Sarah ACKLEY-17263.



Mary ACKLEY was born on 18 January 1761 in Boston, Suffolk , Massachusetts.2 She died on 3 April 1840.2



Pvt Samuel ACKLEY Sr-12364.



William ACKLEY-17270.