First Generation

1. Ezekial (Zeakel) ACKLEY1 appeared in the census between 1759 and 1775 in New Jersey. He was living in 1759 in Perth Amboy, Middlesex , New Jersey.2 name listed as Zeakel He was living about 1775 in Bedminster Township, Somerset , New Jersey.1,3 The earliest record is that in a daybook of "Gisbert" Sutphen (Guisbert Sutphen, although frequently spelled as quoted), who was a prominent man in Bedminster, a magistrate in 1774, and Judge of theCourts from at least 1778. The following names appear in this daybook, which extends from 1760 to 1775. There also appear a few other names, but as they are embraced in the next following list, they are here omitted so as to avoid repetition, the object in presenting the names at all being add to the known residents of Bedminster township and vicinity in early years.

The following names are taken from the next daybook, the only clue to which is in the first heading, "Bedminster, December 26, 1774," and extends only to January 25, 1775. The goods charged were those usual to a country store, such as cloth, linen, sugar, hardware, etc. The spellings in the book have been followed:

Ackley, Ezekial

Ezekial (Zeakel) ACKLEY and Nelly were married.4 Nelly was born (date unknown).

Ezekial (Zeakel) ACKLEY-15534 and Nelly -21489 had the following children:



Pvt Ezekiel ACKLEY-18350.



Nancy ACKLEY-21490.