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  2. These cemetery records represent four of nearly eighty counties that were transcribed by the Works Project Administration, Graves Registration Project and is the beginning of a vast collection of data for individuals searching for ancestral ties in Iowa.
    Muscatine County, Iowa located on the eastern edge of Iowa, bordering Illinois was created in 1836 from Des Moines County.
    Lee County, Iowa was formed in 1836 from its parent county of Des Moines.
    Van Buren County, Iowa located on the southeastern edge of Iowa, bordering Missouri was created in 1836 from Des Moines County.
    Davis County, Iowa located on the southeastern edge of Iowa, bordering Missouri.
    (Works Project Administration. Graves Registration Project. Cemeteries in Muscatine County; Cemeteries in Lee County; Cemeteries in Van Buren County Cemeteries in Davis County. Washington, D.C.:n.p)
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  56. Originally a haven for fur traders, Oregon became the thirty-third state in 1859. This database is a collection of individuals who died in the state during the years 1903 through 1970. Researchers will find information including the deceased's name, the place and date of death, the certificate number, the age at death, and possibly information concerning a spouse (State of Oregon. Oregon Death Index, 1903-70. Salem, Oregon: Filmed by the Oregon State Archives and Records Center, [1970-])
  57. Todd Kepple, Located in Klamath Falls, Oregon, Linkville Cemetery is among the oldest burial
    grounds in Klamath County. It is situated on the hill north of Klamath Union High
    School and adjoins the original I.O.O.F. Cemetery which is included in this
    publication. The cemetery is fenced and well tended by the cemetery district. It is a
    pleasant cemetery with numerous trees and shrubs lining the numerous plots. Some
    cedars have become so large as to obscure the graves which they have marked. The
    Linkville Cemetery Association acquired the twenty (20) acres of land comprising the
    cemetery from B.F. Crouch and his wife, E.J. Crouch on August 1, 1885. Mr. Crouch
    sold the land for the sum of Forty Dollars. The deed, recorded in Deed Book Vol. 2,
    page 360, - shows the legal description as follows:
    The East half of the North West quarter of the South East quarter of Sec. 29. T38S,
    R.9.E. Willamette Meredian in Klamath County, Oregon, containing twenty (20) acres,
    the same to be used for Cemetery purposes.

    The earliest burials, according to cemetery record, were in 1872

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