First Generation

1. Daniel Russell ACKLEY1 was born on 10 September 1786 in Connecticut.1,2,3,4,5,6 1860 OH census lists name as David
Pamela Grewell and Vicky Frey hasbirth place as NY He was living between 1830 and 1840 in Union Township, Monroe , Ohio.7,8,9 He purchased land on 5 August 1837 in Noble , Ohio10 Document #: 9545 Daniel purchased land on 15 August 1837 in Noble , Ohio10 Document #: 10159 On 1 June 1860 he was a Farmer in Centre, Noble , Ohio.2 He was living in 1860 in Centre, Noble , Ohio.2 Daniel signed a will on 20 January 1870 in Harrison, Ross , Ohio.1 FROM DANIEL'S WILL
In the name of the benevolent Father of all, I Daniel Ackley of Harrison Township Ross County, being of sound mind and of right understanding so make and publish this my last will and testament.

Item 1: After my beloved wife's dower is set off it is my will that she have choice of one of my horses to keep as her own, one cow, and one hog each as her choice as her own together with such household goods and furniture as she may
wish for her own use, so long as she remains to live in the house we now reside, but should she sell her dower and remove, such furniture as she did not bring with her to go to my living daughter.
Item 2: There being in the hands of Thomas H. Griffin the sum of Twelve Hundred
and Fifty dollars in cash and a note of hand against my son Lewis Ackley for Eighty dollars. I order its distribution as follows, said Griffin to pay no interest until called for. Three hundred dollars to the heirs of my deceased son Obed Ackley of Noble County, Ohio. Fifty dollars to the heirs of my deceased son Erastas Ackley, Five hundred and twenty dollars in cash and the eighty dollar note to Lewis Ackley my son. Three hundred dollars to Esther Wickham of Noble County, Ohio, my daughter. Eighty dollars to Betsy Hurst of Vinton County, Ohio, my daughter, and three hundred dollars to Nancy Fogle, my daughter of Ross County.
Item 3: After my death it is my wish that after my wife's dower is set off to her, the remainder of my property both personal and real be converted into money except so much I shall here after will to my brother Abram Ackley and the proceeds be divided between Obed Ackley's heirs, Erastas Ackley's heirs, Lewis Ackley, Esther Wickham, Betsy Hurst, and Nancy Fogle, in the same proportion that I have divided the money and note above.
Item 4: I give and bequeath to my brother Abram Ackley ten acres of land of the west end of the track of land m which I now reside in Harrison Township.
Item 5: After the death of my wife, Prudence, it is my will that the dower be equally divided between Jacob Fogle, George Ackley, My grand son, and Thomas Fogle another grand son.
Item 6: One hundred and ten dollars will be found in my pocket book which is to pay for a lot in Londonderry Cemetery, and direct T.H. Griffin to pick it out, also to pay my funeral ceremonies and expenses of this will.
Item 7: Should there not be enough money in my pocket book at the time of my
death to defray such expenses, I direct that it be taken from the twelve hundred and fifty dollars, in proportion from each one as distributed. I hereby revoke all former wills made my me and in testimony is not, I have here unto set my hand and seal the 20th day of January 1870. his

Daniel X Ackley
Signed and acknowledged by said Daniel Ackley in his last will and testament
in our presence, and signed by us in his presence.
Solomon Isenaugel
John Cain

He died on 26 January 1870 in Vinton , Ohio.3,4,5,6 one source has death 1848
same sorce has him coming to OH in ca 1820 He was buried on 29 January 1870 in Londenderry Cemetery, , Londonderry, Ross , Ohio.1,6,11 Daniel appeared in the census 1830, 1840 & 1860 in Ohio. in Daniels will he stated that he wills 10 acres of his land situated in Harrison Twp. of Ross Co. Ohio to his brother Abram, also known as (Abel) Ackley

Daniel Russell ACKLEY and Jerusha Ascenith WEEKLEY were married.2,3,5,12 another source has him married about 1797 to a Reusha (Jerusha) Jerusha Ascenith WEEKLEY was born about 1786 in Connecticut.2,4 Marianne McFrederick has birth ca1790
grave records has 1795 She appeared in the census in 1860 in Ohio. She was buried in February 1862 in Devoll Cemetery, Noble , Ohio.1,4,6,11 Jerusha died about 1862 in Noble , Ohio.4,5,6

Daniel Russell ACKLEY-10689 and Jerusha Ascenith WEEKLEY-10688 had the following children:



Obediah ACKLEY-10693.



Philander ACKLEY-7290.



Julia ACKLEY-31843.



Erastus ACKLEY-19351.



Benjamin P ACKLEY-28803.



Lewis ACKLEY-10691.



Esther ACKLEY-10692.



Elizabeth Jane "Betsy" ACKLEY-19344.



Nancy ACKLEY-10795.